Celebrity Dentist on What to Do During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Celebrity Dentist

For most people, Dr. Mobasser is known as the Celebrity Dentist. He’s the dentist Hollywood turns to when they want to have that megawatt smile. However, he’s much more than that. It’s important to remember that, as a dentist, Dr. Mobasser is also a doctor. Beyond simply being able to help you with your teeth, he has some advice on what we should all do during the COVID-19 pandemic. Yes, keep brushing your teeth, flossing, and all that in your home. But, there’s more advice that the dentist celebrities trust has for us during these times. 

celebrity dentist

“Inside” Strategy 

When people think about how they can protect themselves from COVID-19, they tend to think of what they can do externally. Washing your hands for 20 seconds with soap and warm water, not touching your face, and wearing a mask and gloves in public are all “external” ways to stay safe. Dr. Mobasser, as a doctor, has advice about what you can do for your insides too. For example, take plenty of Vitamin C. If you’ve already been taking it, take some more. Elevating the Zinc levels in your system is a good idea too. When rinsing, do it with 1% hydrogen peroxide and a betadine solution. Protecting your health, in addition to your smile, is always a good idea. 

What a “Healthy Diet” Means 

We all know we must eat a healthy diet to be in as good shape as possible. That helps us to look good, sure, but during this difficult time, getting in shape gives you the best chance possible to come out of this the way that you want. So, eating healthy foods with Vitamin D is very good for your body. That means salmon, tuna, cheese, soy milk, egg yolks, and many others. While those foods might not be accessible to everyone during this time, one great way to get Vitamin D is to go outside. We’re glad to have plenty of sun year-round here in Southern California. Taking the right precautions and getting out when you can do your body a lot of good. 


Antioxidants are always good for your body, but it’s important to have them now. Great ways to get antioxidants: delicious, healthy foods. Those include raspberries, artichokes, blueberries, strawberries, kale, and plenty of other leafy greens. Consequently, eating a “healthy diet” means not eating an “unhealthy diet.” An unhealthy one would include plenty of sugary foods and so forth. You want to give yourself a treat now and then, but eating a healthy diet can make a real difference. 

The Celebrity Dentist: This Will End Someday

When it does, you will want to come out of this in the best shape possible in multiple ways. Imagine the partying, the good times we’ll have once it’s safe again. Dr. Mobasser can help you have your best smile then so that you can live the life you want. For more information, call us at (310) 550-0383.

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