Should I get veneers?

Should I Get Veneers Dr. Anthony Mobasser

My two front teeth were damaged in a car accident. One is cracked, and the other has a filling. I hate my teeth and want them fixed to feel confident in my smile. I would also like the shape of my smile to be more rounded, as my current shape is square.

Should I get veneers

Your best choice is to have your cosmetic dentistry done via tooth movement with either orthodontics, or Invisalign, to bring in your canines, expand your back teeth towards your cheeks and open the corridor to give you a broader smile since your canines are out, and they are hiding your back teeth. If you do not want to be under orthodontic treatment for two years and do not have the time, then having porcelain veneers is your other option.

Porcelain veneers can make your smile fuller; you need a bite analysis; you can improve the shape of your teeth from square to round and hide the gray, old dental bonds, but understand to bring your canines can interfere with the nerve of the canine teeth. Hence, you need a veneer expert to give you a happy medium of a fuller rounded smile, which you desire. Understand that once you commit to veneers, they are irreversible, and you can not return. After your evaluation with X-rays and bite analysis, get a complete evaluation with a veneer dentist or the best cosmetic dentist.
​If you choose to do orthodontics, you still need to take care of your two front teeth, which can be done by redoing the dental bonds or placing only two veneers for your front tooth. If you also want permanent whiter color teeth, I advise veneers for your smile line. I would have liked it if you also had a few pictures from the sides since it would have given us a fuller picture of your smile, and I could have advised you further.

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