I had my front tooth veneered with an eMax Lumineer. Contouring suggestions?

unnamed (1)unnamed (2)unnamedI had #9 veneered with an eMax Lumineer. It’s slightly longer and wider in appearance. Can I contour this to make it look less bulky. If so, in which way do you suggest?


Emax lumineers once bonded on, it is extremely difficult to contour, and specially polish to the glazed surface.
​I believe that your 2 front teeth have neck issue problems and gum symmetry problems!
​It must have been addressed before you got the lumineer.

​As far as adjusting the height, you can have adjustment done which will be much easier than contouring the neck of your teeth. ​Emax is much stronger and harder material than regular porcelain to cut, adjust and polish!
​If you will be happy with the looks of your veneer, lumineers, with just length adjustment , that can be done. ​However if the width is something that bothers you, then you must redo your veneer, or lumineer!