I got full mouth veneers, 2 month ago, they are loose, sensitive, is this normal?

They are sensitive to air and even just when I’m drinking room temperature water especially the bottom ones. It feels like whatever I drink its going straight through them and onto where they were shaved down. My dentist said it only last a few days up to a week.. And they are also loose. I can wiggle my front two pretty easily. And its uncomfortable when I’m eating because it feels like they could fall off. Also my dentist said they can be loose when they’re first bonded on? Is that even true?


Sorry you are going through this experience! You must go see an expert veneer dentist asap for second opinion. Once veneer is bonded with the right protocol to your teeth, it is like one with the original tooth ! Is it possible that your tooth was loose before you started the procedure? Veneers can not be loose on your teeth period. Any sensitivity should have been subsided by now (2 months). ​You need to have the treatment checked, and hopefully your teeth are not over prepared ! If they are sensitivity is usually the first symptom, and many other problems can follow. You do need a thorough evaluation and it is a must to get help first from your dentist, but for piece of mind see an expert cosmetic dentist.

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