Having my veneers redone after 6 months. Any suggestions?

“Hi Dr. Mobasser, please, help. I had issues with my six porcelain veneers falling off after six months. They were discolored and too big I am getting them replaced, and I am worried about my natural teeth. Are they okay? What about when I replace the next set?? They seem thin. My dentist doesn’t understand the look I want. Is it achievable… The full post about my veneers is in my reviews :).”

redoing veneers

If your dental veneers are coming off from your tooth or falling off, there are two main reasons:

If your dental veneers are coming off from your tooth or falling off, there are two main reasons:
1. The over-preparation of your teeth. The tooth structure no longer has enamel,  leaving you only with the dentin (the second layer of your tooth.), so the chemical bond is compromised.
2- The bonding protocol by your dentist was compromised; there are many protocols to bond the porcelain to your tooth; that is the difference between an average dentist and an expert dentist who knows the bonding protocol well. Check with the best cosmetic dentist in your area to see if you are now still a candidate for porcelain veneers; hopefully, not too much tooth structure has been removed; if not, porcelain crowns may be your option. Your bite and occlusion are also essential to a successful case in designing your smile.
And lastly, the look you want to achieve is easy; you want a youthful smile, a natural but brilliant smile. Everyone is different; I take a lot of factors into mind when designing smiles.
I hope that was helpful. Good luck.

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