Crowns are shifting out of place – how to fix it?

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I’ve noticed in the past two months that one of my crowns looks like it sticks out more than my other one I have 4 crowns on my front teeth can a retainer fix it what can I do?

Crowns are shifting out of place

Answer :

From your photo, it looks like that your left front tooth is sticking out and your mid line is off.

I would advise you to check your bite and occlusion, specially to see if you have a balanced bite, and after see a orthodontist for consult.

We need much more information to go to the details of what can be done. A complete evaluation with xrays and molds with bite analysis is necessary.

As far as just to fix the shifted crowns, a retainer might help, but then you have to ask if the result will be permanent or you need to wear the retainers for many years to come. I would ask for a permanent solution, and while your at it possibly fix the mid line also..

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