Short small teeth with gaps, how can I get a perfect smile?

The first three photos involve me normal smiling and the last ones are my teeth. I have small teeth, an overbite and some gaps.

gapped teeth


You have several options for a perfect smile

1- Consult an orthodontist to close the gaps, it might take 2 to 3 years, but unfortunately the small short teeth will stay the same.
2- consult the best cosmetic dentist to discuss options, after evaluation of your bite and occlusion, and possibly have gum contouring to show more teeth, and use the least invasive procedure to whiten and close your gaps such as thin porcelain veneers to achieve a beautiful smile. So veneers can give you instant orthodontics, if you can afford it and you do not want to go through tooth movement for couple of years.
3- Now if you like to show more lower teeth also there is possibility that you might need mouth reconstruction, meaning you will need to raise your bite so there is room to lengthen your lower teeth bu adding porcelain to your back teeth. With that you can achieve a perfect pleasing smile, but it does require tooth removal from your existing teeth.