Can veneers be thinned out if they are thicker than you would like them to be?

Question:  My veneers are too thick and the two front teeth stick out. They look nothing like my temps. They actually look worse. Can they be thinned or do I need to get them redone?

Sorry to hear that! ​I do not advise you to have them thinned out, since you will never get the final glaze and shine after adjusting.
​The second problem is possibility of show through effect, in which the bonding can show though. If it is for minor contouring, at the edges of your teeth, that can be accomplished by an expert cosmetic dentist, however to thin out the veneers is a no no. For more information on porcelain veneers click here:

​Be informed that there is possibility that preparation of your teeth might need to be redone. If they are 0.5 mm thick for instance, then your teeth must be prepared more to give room for porcelain thickness so it does not appear bulky. This is the problem usually encountered with patients desiring lumineers or no prep veneers. for more information on no preps click here:

​Once they are bonded permanently you either love them, or unfortunately it needs to be redone. Usually every dentist or cosmetic dentist asks your approval prior to bonding them permanently, and if there is any issue, it can be addressed prior to final bonding.