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A cosmetic dentist works to improve and maintain the look of your smile. Even if you have missing teeth or broken ones, a cosmetic dentist can help you get that great white smile you’ve always dreamed of. Sometimes, your smile might need a whitening treatment, and other times, your teeth might have several problems that need attention. Either way, a cosmetic dentist is a way to a beautiful smile. Look for the best celebrity dentist Los Angeles has to off for that Hollywood smile! It might even improve your career and social opportunities!

Read on for what a cosmetic dentist can do for you …

  1. Whiten your teeth

If your teeth are otherwise in good condition, all you might need is a tooth whitening treatment. This procedure is done thousands of times daily and is the most popular cosmetic dentistry procedure. Your cosmetic dentist might perform tooth whitening in their office or might give you a kit to use at home. Either way, the result is a whiter, brighter smile.

  1. Change the shape of your teeth.

You might not like the shape of your teeth. They might be worn down or unevenly shaped. Or they might look too pointed to you. Either way, your cosmetic dentist has a variety of techniques to use to reshape your teeth. Fitting porcelain veneers is one way of changing the shape of a tooth. These veneers are bonded to the front of the prepared tooth. Dramatic changes to the look of your smile are possible with veneers.

best celebrity dentist los angeles

  1. Repair damaged teeth at Best Celebrity Dentist Los Angeles

If your teeth are cracked, discolored, or chipped through wear and tear, a cosmetic dentist can restore them to their former glory. Once again, porcelain veneers might be enough to treat the problem. But a dental crown is the solution if there is a lot of decay or several broken teeth. This involves dramatically reshaping the natural tooth so that a ‘cap’ or crown can be glued to it for a natural look.


  1. Replace missing teeth

A cosmetic dentist can restore your smile if you have lost one or more teeth, and they will recommend the appropriate restoration method. Solutions include dental bridges, dental crowns, dental implants, and dentures. The solution chosen will depend on your particular needs. See a cosmetic dentist to improve your smile and prevent bone loss due to missing teeth.

  1. Straighten your teeth 

We all want that perfectly straight smile, but few of us have it. Instead of enduring months of wearing metal braces fitted to your teeth, a cosmetic dentist can offer clear braces as an alternative. That means you won’t have to endure the pain and humiliation of wearing visible braces. An alternative method of straightening the teeth is to fit porcelain veneers to the visible side of the teeth. The veneers can be made in the desired shape, color, and length, all in perfect alignment for a straighter smile. Visit the best celebrity dentist in the Los Angeles office for a sparkling new smile.

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