Is Dental Sedation Safe for Toddlers?

Is Dental Sedation Safe for Toddlers Dr. Anthony Mobasser

Before a dental procedure, anesthesia may be administered to dull the pain or sedate an anxious person. When it comes to kids, their safety should be considered appropriately. Their dentist may recommend sedation. It is mainly the case for complex procedures. However, not all children can take advantage of it.

Dental sedation is safe if the dentist or dental staff monitors it, and it is also vital that the dentist is trained to perform dental sedation on toddlers and skilled in advanced life support techniques. Several cases of kids dying are because of dental sedation overdose. Typically, the cause of death is not the result of the dental procedure but the result of anesthesia.

There is always a risk associated with sedation. Therefore, ADA recommends choosing a dentist trained to administer anesthesia to patients undergoing dental procedures. One of the main reasons some dentists would opt to sedate their toddler patients is to stop them from squirming.

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Sedation Dentistry is Safe

As mentioned earlier, sedation in dentistry is safe. However, for it to be safe, it must only be administered by an expert in this field. Apart from that, the dental office where sedation dentistry is performed must have the right tools to handle emergencies.

Furthermore, the facility should have dental experts who can quickly handle sedation-related problems.

Dr. Anthony Mobasser offers sedation dentistry at his Beverly Hills private dental office. He works with an expert anesthesiologist who has performed thousands of sedation dentistry. And each of them was completed successfully. For more than three decades, he has been helping patients to undergo dental procedures under sedation. These patients opt to use his services repeatedly because they know they are safe in the hands of this cosmetic dentistry expert.

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Dr. Mobasser only offers safe sedation dentistry services, and each service has already created brilliant smiles for his patients. When you undergo a procedure at his office, you will wake up having a whole set of beautiful teeth.

And if you fear going to the dentist, that feeling will be changed. You will know that a dental procedure does not have to be painful as long as the award-winning sedation dentist handles it.

Regarding the safety of sedation for toddlers, it is safe as long as an expert in this field deals with it. If the kid needs to undergo a lot of dental work, they need to be put under, and the procedure may be done at a hospital.

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