When is the Best Times to Start Dental Care?

Or how early should you start dental care? According to Dr. Anthony Mobasser, the authority in cosmetic dentistry, dental care should begin at birth. That is, the child’s gums must be cleaned with an infant brush or with the use of cloth and water.

Once your kid develops more teeth, you should brush them using a soft brush. In this way, bacteria that can cause decay will be properly eliminated. However, you must only use a toothbrush designed for infants. It must also be used once a day before bedtime. It is important to brush your child’s teeth every day especially if he/she drinks milk bottle, which can cause dental caries. Apart from brushing your child’s teeth every day, you should also introduce your kid to his/her dentist at an early age so he/she will familiarize with the instruments that the dentist will use on him/her.

Kids should see a dentist not later than six months after their first tooth erupted. The six-month visit allows the child to get accustomed to the dental office, the dental staff, and most importantly, the dentist. Early exposure to the dental office is vital. According to the CDC, dental caries or tooth decay is considered as one of the most prevalent infectious diseases that affect children. By the time they reach kindergarten, 40 percent of them are already affected by dental cavities. That said, it is vital that kids should practice proper dental care as early as possible.

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After the initial visit, a dental checkup of every six months is highly recommended after they start dental care. In this way, caries and other dental problems can be prevented. Your pediatric dentist will tell you how often your kids should visit his/her office. Typically, your pediatric dentist will perform a thorough examination of your child’s mouth to know the oral health status. Examining your child’s teeth will also allow the dentist to see other problems that may need to be addressed immediately.

Your kid may also need to undergo professional dental cleaning to remove the bacteria that may cause cavities. Regular professional dental cleaning is vital to avoid losing of teeth. As your kids reach adulthood, they will thank you for introducing to them the proper way to take care of their teeth.

Teeth are precious. Even though they are strong, they are prone to cavities that may lead to tooth loss. Once they are gone, they can never be replaced.

So make sure to introduce your kids to their pediatric dentist as early as possible. And if you to wear a beautiful smile every day, book an appointment with Dr. Mobasser at (310) 550-0383

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