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It’s common for patients to experience dental anxiety and fear. And the sedation dentistry expert in Beverly Hills, Dr. Anthony Mobasser, understands the causes of his patients’ anxiety, so he offers them a comfortable and enjoyable experience when they visit his private dental office.

At his Beverly Hills office, Dr. Mobasser and his team sedate their patients using only highly effective sleep dentistry techniques that can minimize fear and anxiety. Dr. Mobasser is one of the few dentists in LA who’s trained and can provide safe sedation dentistry. While undergoing treatment at his private office, you’ll enjoy the spa-like atmosphere that can shut your anxiety down.

If you’re one of those patients who doesn’t want to visit their dentist because of fear of hearing the drilling sounds and the pain associated with dental treatment, then sedation dentistry is your best bet.

Is it a safe procedure?

Sedation dentistry is safe as long as an expert dentist like Dr. Mobasser performs it. He has performed hundreds of dentistry cases throughout his 30 years of experience in this field.

Despite his years of training and expertise in this area, he continually updates his knowledge and skills to perform this service with excellent and safe results. When you opt to be sedated, Dr. Mobasser will have his expert anesthesiologist give you sedation and be present throughout the procedure.

Sedation is an entirely safe procedure. But we don’t recommend it if you’re pregnant or allergic to a particular medicine, and it’s also not a good option for you if you can’t tolerate alcohol. Before you undergo this procedure, Dr. Mobasser’s expert dental anesthesiologist will evaluate your overall health.


Most of our patients who undergo this procedure are so relaxed that they can fall asleep during the entire procedure. You may not remember any of the procedures you’ve been through, but this procedure is a conscious state. It means that you’re breathing for yourself, and you’ll have your reflexes in place, making sedation dentistry extremely safe.

Our highly trained sedation dentist and his anesthesiologist will work with you to know your unique needs. This way, you can comfortably relax and wake up when the procedure is over. Even the most fearful patients we had were amazed at the results.

Dr. Mobasser’s private dental office has advanced equipment to monitor your heart rate, oxygen saturation, and blood pressure while you undergo sedation dentistry treatment.

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