Sedation Dentist in Los Angeles

Sedation dentistry has transformed how patients visit their dentists. With it, patients can just relax while sitting in the dental chair. If you have a low tolerance for pain, then you should consider finding the best sedation dentist in Los Angeles.

For most of you, the thought of going to the dentist to have your cleaned teeth would make your body tense with fear. It’s one of the reasons a lot of you would opt to endure a toothache than to go to a dentist’s office. But you’re not alone. Thousands of people fear of going to the dentist to they prefer not to undergo a dental treatment until it’s already too late to save their natural teeth. If you avoid dentists the same way you avoid a plague, then sedation dentistry might take away your fear. From invasive to a simple dental cleaning, sedation could be very beneficial. Dr. Anthony Mobasser is well-known for his sedation dentistry services. How he uses sedation would depend on his patient’s level of fear.

What are the levels of sedation that you could choose from?

During a dental procedure, sedation could help you feel relax. Some people would consider it as a sleep dentistry. But it is not entirely accurate unless you opt for general anesthesia. When you are sedated, you are usually awake. In minimal sedation, you are fully awake but feel relaxed. Conscious sedation or moderation sedation, on the other hand, causes you to slur your words when you speak. You would not remember much of this procedure.

If you choose deep sedation, you would be put on the edge of your consciousness. But you could still be awakened. For general anesthesia, you would be completely unconscious. Whatever type of sedation you need, you would need to have a local anesthesia to relieve the pain if the dental procedure would cause a discomfort.

Relaxing in Dentist’s Chair

Sedation dentistry is more suitable for patients with high levels of anxiety that prevent them from going to the dental office. It is also applicable to patients who can’t sit still while in the dentist’s chair or with very sensitive teeth. If you need a large amount of dental work to be completed in a day, then sedation is necessary.

Is sedation dentistry safe?

When you get an anesthesia, there is always a risk involved. Sedation is usually safe as long as an experienced dentist performs it. Some people are more likely to experience complications from sedation. For that reason, Dr. Mobasser would go over your medical history before suggesting sedation. To consult the best sedation dentist in Los Angeles, call (310) 550-0383 today!

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