A Holistic Dentist in Los Angeles Puts Your Health First

holistic dentist in Los Angeles

When it comes to any medical procedure, including cosmetic dentistry, you always want something that puts your health first. This is why you should avoid potentially toxic materials and treatments; your best call is to contact a holistic dentist in Los Angeles who can consider your health. 

holistic dentist in Los Angeles

What is Holistic Dentistry?

Also known as biological or biocompatible dentistry, holistic dentistry is an approach to dental care that doesn’t look at the patient’s dental health independently from the rest of his body’s. Instead, it places it within that overall context, considering the person as a whole at the time of administering dental treatment. Through this approach, a holistic dentist in Los Angeles can prevent possible consequences such as dental infections or diseases, root canal issues, cavitations, and large holes in the jawbone. Everything is done with the patient’s overall health in mind at every step beyond the mouth and the teeth.

What’s the Difference?

Well, holistic dentistry tends to avoid certain components of regular dentistry to avoid potential repercussions that would only make the patient feel worse. For example, amalgam use is avoided due to concerns about toxic material, replacing it with natural-looking bonding materials. After all, this mercury amalgam is potentially bad for the teeth and the body and looks unpleasant and unnatural, requiring the removal of much more precious tooth structure. Other common materials often used in dentistry are either avoided or first tested to locate any possible allergies the patient might have to them. Additionally, metal-free implants and crowns are helpful resources for patients to avoid potential toxicity.

How Are Materials Tested?

Dr. Anthony Mobasser, a holistic dentist in Los Angeles, recommends using Clifford Materials Reactivity Testing (CMRT), a blood test through which a patient is tested for nearly two thousand different dental materials. The results will allow the treating dentist to determine which materials are compatible with the patient’s body chemistry, locating any potential allergies or potential depression of the immune system. There are also testing procedures by which the dentist can also determine whether the patient has been previously exposed to or affected by mercury fillings and if they need to be removed and replaced accordingly. As you can see, the patient’s health is always considered.

The Best Holistic Dentist in Los Angeles

So, how should you determine the best way to address your cosmetic and functional concerns? Well, if you want to ensure your health is always a top priority. This is why it’s always a good idea to consult a holistic dentist in Los Angeles who can look at your situation and recommend the best possible way to get the results you are looking for. And, if you are looking for the best among the top cosmetic dentists in Los Angeles, you won’t find a better one than Dr. Anthony Mobasser, the celebrity dentist himself. Call him at (310) 550-0383 and set up your free consultation today.

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