Holistic Dentist Los Angeles

Holistic Dentist Los Angeles

What’s happening to your teeth, due to leaking fillings, chronic infections (without pain), gum disease, chewing problems may cause harm to your overall health. Those who are enjoying the best dental health are also enjoying the best overall health. Finding a holistic dentist in Los Angeles is a must for your dental and overall health to make sure you won’t suffer from degenerative diseases, which can be started from simple tooth decay.

Dr. Anthony Mobasser is a well-known holistic dentist in Los Angeles. He is an expert when it comes to bio compatible materials, and using the least invasive dentistry procedures, to conserve your precious tooth structure. He uses non-toxic treatments and methods to give you the best oral health without causing harm to your body.

No Amalgam Fillings

Amalgams are made of mercury and other dangerous minerals and chemicals. This is one of the reasons Dr. Mobasser stays away from using it. As an expert holistic dentist in Los Angeles , Dr.Mobasser values your health as much as his and his team’s health. Thus, he doesn’t want mercury to be near his office.

Instead of using amalgam, he utilizes natural-looking materials, such as bio compatible composites or porcelain which is a common and popular holistic and aesthetic dentistry treatment. The mercury in the amalgam isn’t only bad for your teeth but it can also be harmful to your overall health, specially if you have multiple amalgam fillings.


Dr. Mobasser and his team of dental experts are conservative when it comes to their drilling practices. If their patients require a filling, they make sure that the tooth will have the least drilling possible to conserve enamel with plenty of water to cool down your tooth. They also utilize non-toxic filling materials to restore the health of your teeth.

When your tooth needs to be extracted due to bad root canal, Dr. Mobasser won’t leave the jawbone with large holes as they can be used by bacteria to spread an infection.

As a holistic dentist Los Angeles expert, Dr. Mobasser doesn’t believe that wisdom teeth should be extracted. He will only recommend their removal if they are already causing a problem. And when he does remove them, Dr. Mobasser makes sure that the area will have no cavitations which may cause another health problem down the road.

If you undergo a dental surgical operation, Dr. Mobasser recommends consuming whole-based food and non-synthetic oral vitamin C to boost your body’s healing process. As much as possible, he won’t recommend the use of  systemic antibiotics. However, if he thinks that you need to take an anti-bacterial drug, he’ll prescribe the safest dose just to resolve minimal discomfort and problem after surgery.

In some cases of allergies, when it comes to filling materials, he will request for a blood test to know that type of filling material that suits you best biologically. This is to make sure that you won’t develop any type of allergies. He does not use the same composite materials for every patient. Instead, he chooses the best filling material based on your health status and medical history. For more insights on holistic dentist Dr Mobasser click here: https://celebritydentist.com/holistic-dentist/

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