Can my teeth be fixed with cosmetic dentistry without having to remove teeth?

I’ve been looking at options to finally get my teeth fixed. Everyone is so quick to jump to removing my wisdom teeth, but I’m painfully afraid of removing anything. Is there a way to fix them, even a little?

You first see your dentist near you, for a complete check up, after making sure your foundation and health of your teeth and gums are taken care of, you MUST see an orthodontist.
​Please check your teeth for any gum problems, cavities, infection, prior to visiting the orthodontist. This is the best you can do for yourself. For more on complete evaluation, dental check up and the cost of dentistry, click here:

​Teeth movement with orthodontist can take anywhere from 2 years or more, if time is an issue, you can have your orthodontist talk to your dentist, so orthodontist does not complete all the orthodontic treatment, and your dentist can take over for cosmetic dentistry and perfecting your bite.

​You will probably be happy with starting with bleaching and whitening your teeth, and then if you do not like the shape of your teeth and wanting a more permanent pearly whites, you might even consider having porcelain veneers. But that is a bit after moving your front teeth to the right position. For more on porcelain veneers click here:

​If cost is an issue, dental bonding is your next choice if you need to alter the shape, but depending on your dietary habits, it can stain. The cost for dental bonding is less than dental veneers.for more insights on dental bonding click here:


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