What are my options to improve my smile?

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When I smile, some of my upper teeth are hidden by my top lip. (My orthodontist said this was because I have a shorter than average jaw bone?) To add to that my teeth are very small and narrow. So whenever I smile it looks fake. I have just recently had braces taken off to straighten my teeth and close any gaps. But I still feel self-conscious about my smile.

Your teeth are tipped in, and from what I gather you do not like the shape, the color of your teeth, and you want a fuller smile!
Your upper arch is narrow, showing black space between your teeth and cheeks!

your options to improve your smile are:

Have a complete dental check-up before you do any cosmetic dentistry in regards to the health of your teeth, gums. and bite(occlusion), from what I gather you have completed your teeth movement with the orthodontist, although I believe much more could have been done, ( I do not have your records) so maybe that is all the teeth movement the dentist could have done for you….. if so:
Start by finding the best cosmetic dentist to have:
1-Teeth Whitening and bleaching of your teeth, done first, to brighten the color of your teeth to see how you like them. The whiter your teeth the bigger they will look. You will get some cosmetic improvement, however, the result is not permanent and you might need further teeth bleaching done, down the line. This is the first step to have a bit whiter teeth, and you and the dentist can evaluate for further cosmetic dentistry procedures. for more info on which teeth bleaching fits your needs click here.

2- Have dental bonding done to close the small gaps, the beauty of this procedure is that it is not invasive and very little tooth structure is removed from your own teeth, the draw back of dental bonding with dental composites are that they are not strong, so it can chip, and unfortunately it can stain.For more info on dental bonding click here

3- Porcelain veneers, For a more permanent, amazing look, but not Hollywood white, you need a customized color, so they are pearly white, polychromatic, and natural white dental veneers. That is why a consult with an expert cosmetic dentist regarding the shape, and color of your teeth is a MUST, if you choose to have dental veneers done. You must consult with an expert veneer dentist. For more information on porcelain veneers click here.

4- Have no prep veneers or lumineers done BUT make sure you request a complete wax up of your teeth done before you get into having lumineers, venlays or no prep veneers. Most patients are very disappointed after they get this cosmetic dentistry procedure, since a thickness of porcelain is added to their teeth in which was never there before!
for more information on lumineers vs porcelain veneers, or to find out the pros and cons of lumineers click here:

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