Holistic Dentistry Los Angeles

At Anthony Mobasser DDS our Los Angeles dentist believes that all too often, dentists are only concerned with the mouth at the expense of the whole person. That’s why we practice holistic, or biological, dentistry.  At our office in Los Angeles, patients have experienced beautiful cosmetic results, with the benefits of the healing and total body care practicing holistic dentistry.

“Holistic” was first defined by Aristotle to mean “the whole is more than the sum of the parts.” As is relates to dentistry, it means a patient is more than just their mouth! When treating a patient, Dr. Anthony Mobasser focuses on the needs of the patient first and foremost and treats the ‘whole patient’ not just their mouth. He will address conditions in your mouth such as decay, gum disease, missing teeth, and other problems can affect your body. (In addition, the medical condition of your overall health and body can affect your mouth.) He is also aware that the materials we place in your mouth can also affect the whole person. As a holistic general dentist the object is to restore your mouth with materials that are proven compatible with your specific body.

Some notable holistic alternatives include: the use of mercury free-fillings; material compatibility testing; innovative isolation techniques to eliminate mercury exposure; the use of oxygen; the role of nutrition in oral health; the relationship of gum disease to other physical problems; and structural components (such as TMJ, postural asymmetry, uneven bite, etc.).

At Anthony Mobasser DDS, we look at the bigger picture to best serve your overall health. Learn more about Holistic Dentistry here.