Why Smoking Weed Before The Dentist Could Be a Major Mistake!

Why Smoking Weed Before The Dentist Could Be a Major Mistake!

THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) concentrations vary dramatically based on the form used.  In the 1970s, THC-containing “joints’ were from 1 to 3 mg. Currently, THC can be ingested in concentrations as high as 90mg. As a result, the sought-after euphoria is overshadowed by the risks of heart attack, stroke, sudden death, seizures, psychoses, and suicidal thoughts.

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Why Smoking Weed Before The Dentist Could Be a Major Mistake!Furthermore, smokers of THC ingest 3 times the tar contained in cigarettes and 5 times the concentration of carbon monoxide in the blood, impacting the ability of red blood cells to carry oxygen to vital organs, including the brain.  The heat of THC cigarettes is higher, impacting the throat’s soft tissues and predisposing users to cancer.  Heavy users of THC are more prone to schizophrenia. There are other complications of using THC before having dentistry performed.

Many Reconstructive dentists will perform their treatments under local anesthesia, which, in turn, can cause unfavorable results that can affect the patient’s systemic condition. The dentist must be informed regarding how much THC the patient has been using. The patient must inform their dentist if they are casual or moderate users for the health care provider to instruct the patient on how many days not to use the THC before dental treatment. If The dentist is not informed, Adverse and unpleasant experiences can be the outcome!

Patients should refrain from using THC 24 to 72 hours before dental care, depending on the degree of use. The same applies if the patient chooses to have sleep dentistry or IV sedation. If you use marijuana or THC, you are not alone. In fact, according to the American Dental Association, more than half of dentists report that their patients are high at their dental appointments. At our office, we don’t judge our patients, but we also want our patients to be aware of the potential risks. It is wise to let your dentist know the THC use before having procedures done.

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