What Will It Cost?

I usually get questions like these: “How much does it cost to get a veneer?” Or “how much does it cost to do a smile makeover, or full mouth reconstruction?” Although I want to answer them honestly, I have discovered over the years that it is impossible to quote the price BEFORE a thorough evaluation has been completed.

What is a complete evaluation in my office?

5 steps are needed to give you a proper consultation, regarding your oral health and cosmetic needs:

1.  I need to do comprehensive exam. This means I record each tooth in your mouth, and the existing restorations, taking measurements of the teeth and the surrounding gums…making note of the color of your teeth.

2.  I need complete intra-oral radiographs (x-rays), taken in my office with my trained assistants, as I am VERY particular about angles and accuracy.

3.  I need upper and lower impressions of your teeth, so my laboratory can fabricate the cast study models, which create an exact replica of your teeth for proper bite evaluation.

4. I need to take your teeth photos and your smile photos at different angles to study and evaluate your smile.

5.  I need to do a bite analysis to determine what kind of restoration best fits your needs. I will take intricate measurements of teeth and smile line.

With all the above,  I study your mouth and come up with an “Ideal Treatment Plan”, plus different options that might be available to you,  including all the COSTS involved to achieve your ” Perfect Smile“.  You will be informed of all the pros and cons, the risks and benefits of each procedure, and the time necessary to complete them.

So now after the complete evaluation you have met the Doctor, you know all about your teeth and gums, you know the solutions and the costs involved.

I believe this gives you better clarity and perspective rather than the office just quoting you a price without evaluating your mouth and its individual characteristics.

The cost of the complete evaluation and consultation is usually between $750 and $1000.

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