What to do For Infection or Cavity Under Ceramic Veneer?

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There are several reasons there’s an infection under your ceramic veneer.

One of them is that the veneer didn’t fit your tooth perfectly. A dark stain under it could result from a microleakage, meaning bacteria are seeping through the porcelain veneer and your tooth interphase. Microleakage will eventually cause cavity and sensitivity and possibly infection to the nerve of your tooth. If this is your case, you should immediately see an expert cosmetic dentist to replace the veneer.

It’s also pitiable that your gums are inflamed when the ceramic veneer is bonded. This means your gums are bleeding while your dentist tries to bond the veneer. As a result, the white bonded material was mixed with the blood; hence, a halo appeared under the porcelain veneer. If this is your case, your dentist may need to redo your dental veneer.infection or cavity

These reasons will always come down to not seeing a ceramic veneer expert. If your dentist was an expert in this area, the percentage of you experiencing infection or cavities under a ceramic veneer is meager.

An expert knows the strict protocol of bonding veneers to the tooth, any deviation from this strict protocol can cause problems such as cavities or infection under your veneers. The expert understands that bonding veneers are technique-sensitive. One wrong move can significantly affect the procedures, such as veneers popping off or discoloring under your veneers, which can cause sensitivity, cavities, or infections. In some cases, the lack of oral hygiene can be the cause of getting cavities or infections!
There are some instances that trauma from your bites, such as grinding or clenching, can also cause infection under the veneers, in which you do not need to change the veneer since there is no cavity. The Endodontist can perform root canal therapy from the back of the infected tooth, and there is no need to change the porcelain veneers. For more information on veneers, click here:https://celebritydentist.com/porcelain-veneers/.
One word of caution if the root canal is performed on the tooth with dental veneers: https://celebritydentist.com/dental-veneers/, the tooth can turn dark after a few years since the tooth does not have any nerve or blood supply, plus it can become brittle.

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