What Procedures Does A Cosmetic Dentist In Beverly Hills Offer?

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It’s fair to say that the first things that come to your mind when thinking about a dentist are medical procedures that help to relieve pain and resolve any decay or cavity issues that might have arisen over time. Of course, there is another side to dentistry and that is cosmetic dentistry with options being elective and “necessary”.  

There is certainly no shortage of dedicated cosmetic dentists and dental clinics who perform cosmetic procedures in Beverly Hills, with no end of residents and budding Hollywood stars doing everything they can to perfect their smiles. If you are looking for different ways to improve your own smile, then here are some of the most common procedures that you can request from a cosmetic dentist in Beverly Hills.

  •       Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers are one of the most popular and common treatments carried about by any cosmetic dentist. Anyone looking to fix a few small problems like cracks and chips in their teeth can have these ultra-thin, super durable caps placed over existing teeth to restore a full and glowing smile. Veneers are a very popular choice for treatment for imperfections because the process is non-invasive and straight forward with excellent results.

cosmetic dentist Beverly Hills

  •       Teeth Whitening

If it is the color rather than the shape of or damage to your teeth that is the main cause of your problems, then this can be rectified by a course of teeth whitening or bleaching. Everyday substances like wine, coffee, tobacco and many others are usually responsible for teeth becoming discolored, so along with trying to cut back on some of those particular habits, undertaking a few sessions of whitening is an ideal way to restore the bright, vibrant color of your teeth before staining occurred. In a town like Hollywood, having a great smile is one of the most important things. Clinical teeth whitening is faster and much better results than anything you can buy off the shelf to do yourself at home.

  •       Full Mouth Reconstruction

You may have been born with imperfections (crooked teeth, gaps, protruding teeth, overbite, TMJ etc.) or they may develop over time. A cosmetic dentist Beverly Hills will offer a full mouth reconstruction. The dentist who undertakes this job knows that the mouth is a complex structure and that a reconstruction requires a combination of different procedures and treatments. The combined process produces a balanced relationship between the jaw bones, teeth, gums, and chewing muscles as well as a cosmetic restoration of the teeth. This requires a very skilled dentist to design and apply in order to avoid future complications.

If any of those procedures sound like the kind of thing that you would like to have yourself, the next stage involves finding a cosmetic dentist Beverly Hills with a good reputation and professional team. A clinic like the one operated by Anthony Mobasser MDM, for example, is a prime option for anybody seeking effective, expert level cosmetic dentistry.

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