What are TMJ Problems and How You Can Prevent Them?


Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder, known as TMD is a joint problem at the base of the skull in which involves the  joints and muscles around the jaw. There are several symptoms that you’ll notice if you have them. Muscle pain when you chew or stiff jaw muscles are just two of the symptoms of TMD (TMJ) problems. When you have this condition, your jaw comes out of alignment leading to some more dental problems. It can be due to injury, trauma, bad bite, clenching and para functional habits such as teeth grinding. For more information on TMJ click here: https://celebritydentist.com/tmj/

If you have a TMJ problem, the best dentist you can go to is Dr. Anthony Mobasser. He’s an expert in the diagnosis and treatment of this condition. Per Dr Mobasser most TMD pain is due to muscles of mastication, and some due to disk in between the tmj joint. Some are saying that it doesn’t have a cure. But Dr. Mobasser has a permanent relief for you. As an award-winning TMJ dentist, Dr. Mobasser has been helping TMD sufferers in finding treatments they need without having to undergo a surgery.It is of vital importance that your bite be checked if you do have symptoms, and a complete evaluation and bite analysis is a must.

Unlike other dentists in Los Angeles, Dr. Mobasser does not believe that the only solution for this issue is through surgery. At his private dental practice in Los Angeles, Dr. Mobasser will evaluate your condition and make a treatment plan to finally end the discomfort and pain caused by TMJ problems. As the world-renowned neuromuscular dentist, Dr. Mobasser has treated many Hollywood celebrities who also suffered from this condition. The pain they felt associated with this disease has been resolved without surgery. Thanks to the expertise of the expert TMJ dentist – Dr. Anthony Mobasser3.

How You Can Prevent Them?

To avoid suffering from this condition, you should avoid trauma, specially if you are an athlete.Missing teeth or shifted teeth, need to be addressed for interferences in your teeth which radiate the force to your TMJ joint. Lopsing vertical dimension on your bite by grinding or clenching can cause tmj disorder, and even old worn out dentistry can cause TMD. It’s also best to avoid stress as it can cause you to clench your jaw. However, if you can’t avoid stress, try to relax your jaw muscles. Then, gently massage your jaw and take a deep breath. Avoid chewing gums, and possibly wear an occlusal guard or night guard. Dr. Mobasser will also teach you how to perform some of the effective jaw exercises that you can do at home. They are especially useful if you are already experiencing locked jaw or painful jaw muscles which can cause headaches, shoulder tension and many more problems. Through a jaw exercise, you can restore your normal range of motion to your jaw. As a result, it heals naturally. The solutions of Dr. Mobasser for your TMJ problems are not temporary. Instead, they can last a lifetime. For that reason, he is known to many as an authority in TMJ disorder. He dedicates his profession in providing permanent solutions for TMJ problems and other oral health conditions. It’s no wonder the world’s elite, actors and actresses come to his clinic to seek permanent relief from their TMD.

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