How to Find the Best Cosmetic Dentist?

Finding the best cosmetic dentist requires a little of work on your part, but the little effort certainly out weighs the benefits you will gain. Your best bet is to to do your research on line, regarding the dentist background, the reviews posted and the before and after cosmetic treatments the dentist has performed similar to your needs and wants.

Then making appointment with 2 or three of your top cosmetic dentists, you selected, for a consultation. At the consultation observe how detailed is their examination and consultation, and address all your questions, such as:

How many procedures similar to what I want have you performed?
Is it a few times, or hundreds or thousands?
Usually a cosmetic dentist expert has performed at least a few hundred times that particular cosmetic procedure.
Can the Cosmetic dentist show you a “mock up” in YOUR MOUTH, of how the results might look like ?
Does the cosmetic dentist, listens to your needs?
Do you have one option or several?
Listen if the cosmetic dentist is going over the pros, cons, risks and benefits of the procedure with you? and over all the options?

With these few questions, you will be getting a feel, If you want that cosmetic dentist to do the dental procedure for you or you are ready to move on.

Of course the next questions will be in regards to how many visits it takes? how long of an appointment time ?
Does it involve any discomfort ? do you have an option to have sedation dentistry done while you have your cosmetic dentistry done ?

After, inquire regarding the cost, How much is the cosmetic dentistry going to cost ?
Do not get shocked if there are huge price differences, each cosmetic dentist fee differs, and it usually depends on the reputation, the expertise and the knowledge and know how to give you the best possible results in an efficient manner, AND use the least invasive procedure on you, to give you what you really want.

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