Pros and Cons of Dental Implants

Pros and Cons of Dental Implants

Pros and Cons of Dental Implants

Tooth loss is common. By age 74, one in four adults would lose most or all of their permanent teeth. Before, dentures were the standard options to fill in the gaps. In recent years, however, due to their more natural look, dental implants have become an attractive alternative. The pros and cons of dental implants may vary by individual, and it’s essential to understand how and if this is a treatment you are considering.

Pros of dental implants

There are several pros to dental implants. One of them is that they don’t rely on adjacent teeth for support. With that in mind, the remaining teeth won’t get damaged. Unlike dentures, dental implants can prevent bone loss by replacing the root and the tooth. Furthermore, dental implants look and function like your natural teeth. Thus, you won’t have to suffer from clicking noises. You’ll also avoid those speaking and chewing difficulties associated with dentures. You can still be a good candidate for dental implants if you have health issues. Success rates are high for people in good health. Unfortunately, if you’re a smoker or suffering from a chronic condition, then healing may be delayed.


What are the cons of dental implants?

One of the disadvantages of dental implants is the cost. A dental implant is one of the most expensive methods to replace your missing tooth. It’s twice as expensive as a fixed bridge. Implants aren’t a quick solution. They involved a lot of steps. They also take up to six months for the implant to blend with your jawbone. Then, an infection can happen. It’s especially true if an inexperienced cosmetic dentist does your dental implants. You must also undergo additional dental work, especially if your jawbone is weak because of osteoporosis. Despite these disadvantages, dental implants are safe. They’re also convenient and reliable, especially for older adults. The success rate is more than 90 percent, and they can improve your quality of life significantly.


Preserving Teeth

Although dental implants are excellent for replacing missing teeth, they shouldn’t be done first without trying to preserve your teeth. Dr. Mobasser only extracts your teeth if they can no longer be salvaged. On the other hand, some clinicians would remove your teeth even if they could still be repaired. Dr. Mobasser believes that natural teeth are better than artificial teeth. For that reason, he maintains them as long as possible. He only recommends dental implants if they’re necessary. Dental implants will increase your quality of life as long as an experienced dental implant dentist does them.

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Pros and Cons of Dental Implants

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