The 4 Guidelines for Choosing a Hollywood Dentist

a Hollywood Dentist

Are you looking for a new dentist in the Hollywood area? If so, be sure to factor in these four important guidelines before making your final selection. Do your research on who can meet your needs best!

  1. Reputation

The first important consideration when looking for the perfect dentist is to check their reputation online. Today, with the internet at everyone’s finger tips, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t check the major sources for unbiased dentist reviews by real patients – Google, Yelp, and Healthgrades.

  1. Introduction

Get to know the dentist. Once again, do some research! Visit the doctor’s website, see how long they’ve been practicing, which procedures they specialize in, how many similar procedures to what you want, the dentist have done ? to be an expert in that field ? and see some real photos of cases they’ve worked on. Pick up the phone and talk to the dentist or a team member and ask questions!

  1. Accountability

Dentists must be held accountable by their state dental board. Every state, including California, has a website that tracks the history of claims against dentists practicing. See: Before selecting a California dentist, ensure they don’t have any suspicious claims filed against them! Being comfortable in the chair is a luxury you shouldn’t be without.

  1. Your Needs

One patient’s needs may not match another’s. If you know what you want, look for it. If you are unsure, the best way is to flat out ask the practice what they can do for you. Do you prefer a large office with a high volume of patients? Do you want a family-oriented practice that treats patients as part of a family? Or do you want that personal touch, a doctor that has time, who sees one patient at a time to explain exactly how they can help you and strategically create a customized plan for you? Making this decision could prove to be the difference in your experience.


It is not an easy decision to choose a dentist that is right for you and your family. So take the time to research the dentist and follow these guidelines in making that choice.If you are looking for a Hollywood Cosmetic Dentist, you will find more information here

This article was written by Dr. Anthony Mobasser, DMD, DDS Celebrity Dentist. Dr. Anthony Mobasser has been practicing dentistry in Hollywood for over 30 years, He is one of the best Hollywood dentist, specializing in creating “celebrity Hollywood smiles” and earning the reputation as the “Dentist of the stars” for his work on the country’s most popular celebrities.

You can check out his reviews from real patients on Google, Yelp, and Healthgrades.

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