Cosmetic Dentist VS General Dentist

While most patients would never visit a General Physician for brain surgery, many patients don’t realize the crucial differences between a cosmetic dentist & a general dentist.  Dental patients that trust their cosmetic dental care to a general dentist end up coming to my Hollywood office to correct their previous dental work. Keep reading to learn about the differences between cosmetic dentists & general dentists.

General dentists are dedicated to treating & preventing cavities and gum disease. They diagnose the problem and work to correct and restore the tooth. Much of the work a general dentist provides is focused on prevention of bacteria and the overall health of your mouth.

Cosmetic Dentists work to combine the science and art of oral care. Their training goes beyond traditional dental training, and places an emphasis on the appearance of the smile and teeth. Cosmetic Dentists will evaluate your smile and present various cosmetic treatments to improve the appearance and aesthetics of your smile, while a general dentist will focus solely on the health of your teeth. A true Cosmetic Dentist, is only cosmetic dentistry, meaning procedures such as oral surgery, Endodontics, and Gum Surgeries are usually referred to other dental specialists.

While a general dentist can place a crown, a cosmetic dentist will focus on ensuring the crown matches the surrounding teeth or cosmetically beautify and enhance the smile. A cosmetic dentist, such as Dr. Anthony Mobasser, has a keen eye for detail and will ensure the crown matches the surrounding real teeth in its vibrancy and translucency, and a Full mouth cosmetic dentist, will take years off your age, make you feel like a million dollar, and rejuvenate your full face and look. Cosmetic dentists must be an expert (meaning have performed hundreds or thousands of the cosmetic dental procedure), in taking years off your face, and give you a younger natural look!

A cosmetic dentist focuses on the cosmetic component of any dental restorative procedures vs a general dentist, which focuses only on function. If a tooth is damaged from an injury, trauma or old age a cosmetic dentist will focus on the restoration of the structure of the tooth as well as the overall appearance of the smile. Through dental bonding, porcelain veneers, and crowns, Dr. Anthony Mobasser will work to cosmetically restore the structure and appearance of a damaged tooth or teeth.

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