Veneers fell off last night while eating. What now?

My brand new permanent porcelain veneers fell off last night while eating. What nowPorcelain veneers are not supposed to fall or dislodge from your tooth !
Contact the cosmetic dentist and let him evaluate the reason, and let him help you re-bond the veneer.

The reason for porcelain veneers to pop off, may be :

1- Too much removal of your tooth structure, and dentin exposure, vs being on the enamel!
2- The bonding to your tooth must be re evaluated, to make sure proper steps has been taken.
3- Your bite and occlusion must be reevaluated.
4-The conditioning of your porcelain veneer prior to bonding must be evaluated by your dentist.

Out of the above four possibilities of why your porcelain veneer popped off, I am hoping that the preparation of your tooth was not aggressive and mostly in dentin !

The more enamel is preserved, the longer your porcelain veneers will last.
The rest can be fixed.


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