Dentist for Bad Breath Treatment

Bad breath is a sensitive subject. Dr. Anthony Mobasser, is an expert dentist for bad breath treatment, and have helped thousands of patients in Los Angeles california, and around the world with halitosis problems and issues. His dental clinic in Beverly Hills is enjoying a high success rate for bad breath cases. He and his professional team are confident that they can eliminate your bad breath, halitosis so you regain your self-esteem. He is considered an expert due to his experience of successfully treating thousands of patients suffering from bad breath.

What Causes Bad Breath?

Sadly, 90% of bad breath cases are caused by gum disease, periodontal issues, cavities, food impaction due to faulty contacts between teeth, and ill fitting restorations such as fillings, crowns or even veneers. Dr. Mobasser is uniquely capable of offering evaluation and possibly testing them on HALIMETER machine for breath analysis and bad breath treatment as he and his team specialize in gum disease treatment. So, if you’re still wondering who you can go to for a halitosis treatment, the answer is simple ? Dr. Mobasser.

What Treatments Are Available?

You can buy all mints and gums that you can find but they won’t work. The root cause of bad breath must be determined first, since gums or mouth washes is like placing a bandage on gushing wound.In other words, they’re just a temporary solution. To treat halitosis, the root cause must first be established. It is only your dentist who can determine the real cause of your problem. As an expert in this field, Dr. Mobasser can give you a thorough examination. He may request for your dental records before he can start treating your condition. The time it takes to eliminate the issue will depend on the severity of your condition. The longer you wait to see Dr. Mobasser, the more time it is to finally get rid of your halitosis. While you wait for your appointment with him, you should consider brushing and flossing properly and regularly. Then, make sure that you brush your tongue to help get rid of bacteria and plaque trapped in the crevices of your tongue. In some cases, simple treatment that does not require surgery is all that is necessary to restore your overall oral health and eliminate the root cause of your halitosis.

Our expert dentist for bad breath treatment will need to have a full mouth evaluation done prior to performing any other dental treatment necessary, which can range from $750 to $1000. There are many non surgical dental treatment options that can get rid of bad breath problems from the gums. A laser gum treatment may be suggested by his team. Dr. Mobaser utilizes a halimiter, which is a diagnostic tool to determine the extent of your issue. You should not wait too long to make an appointment with him. When you act now, you can reclaim your quality of life and break from the clutches of your condition.

To arrange an initial consultation with our expert dentist for bad breath treatment, contact our Beverly Hills dental office at: 310-550-0383

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