Instant orthodontics with porcelain veneers?

Instant Orthodontics with Porcelain Veneers Invisalign Dentist

mobasser photo Question: My smile is crooked; I want them to look great. My smile is not symmetrical. It’s a significant problem when I smile; I am self-conscious and must fix my smile. I have thought about orthodontics, and it takes a long time. I like to have porcelain veneers, and I like them. Can I do porcelain veneers? And if I do, I want to for my six front teeth.


I understand you like to have six porcelain veneers for your front teeth; you definitely will get improvement, but with the cost of having a more radical shaving off your teeth just because the alignment is off.

You show more than six teeth when you turn your face to the side, and if you only do six front teeth veneer veneers, your veneers will stick out, and everyone will know you had veneers. Now, if you want to choose a whiter, brighter color for your six front teeth, my answer will not do it since the whiter the color, the larger your teeth will look.
As a cosmetic dentist, I am also concerned with uneven gum display or gum architecture between your right and left side front teeth!! If this is not corrected before having instant orthodontics with veneers, you will not like the final results since, although a good dentist will give you a beautiful display of the 1/3 edges of your teeth, your correct front teeth will look longer than the left front teeth.

I recommend having Invisalign, or orthodontics, under the supervision of an expert cosmetic dentist to align your teeth first or at least get them to a more favorable alignment. Then if you want veneers to change the color or improve the shape of your teeth, a decision can be made!
It can be possible that you do not do the entire course of orthodontics; this way, less precious tooth structure will be removed to give you dramatic results; your gums and your bite (occlusion) must be evaluated first before veneering your teeth for the least invasive procedure.
After a little more alignment, who knows, you might want not to do veneers and do the least invasive procedure, such as dental bonding and bleaching your teeth.
If I were you, I would find the best cosmetic dentist near you and a proper consult and evaluation to know more about all the options, pros, cons, and any risks and benefits before starting the procedure.

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If you want to do veneers on your front six teeth, ask the dentist to do a wax-up model in the lab, so you can see the results and know how your teeth will look. It might cost you, but at least you know beforehand if you can do six veneers.
Best of luck to you.

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