How long after using the at-home teeth bleaching trays or after in-office teeth whitening should I avoid staining foods?

Q : I had professional whitening done on my teeth on Saturday. My dentist told me to continue to bleach my teeth during the following week with the trays. I avoided staining foods for 48 hours and am trying to eat mostly white food, but it’s been about a week now and I’d like to resume drinking tea (without a straw). Is it okay to do that while still using the at home trays?

A : It is best to avoid foods that cause staining after you just did teeth whitening or teeth bleaching, such as black berries, blue berries, or other staining drinks, such as red wine, coffee, tea for at least a week. Keep in mind any food that can stain your white shirt, can stain your teeth also!
However be informed that since the enamel ( the outer layer of your tooth) which is POROUS, it can get stained and darkened as time goes by. IF you practice good oral hygiene regimen such as brushing and flossing after each meal your pearly whites will stay longer. Unfortunately. these days there are so much preservatives and food staining additives in our foods that eventually the whitening will be needing touch ups or redo, depending on your dietary habits, and your hygiene regimen.
You must know that teeth bleaching is never permanent, for a more permanent teeth whitening, there are more choices such as porcelain veneers, in which the color of the porcelain is stable, and there will be no staining to the dental veneers, since there is no porosity. for more info on teeth whitening and teeth bleaching click here: