Everything You Need to Know Before Getting Lumineers in Hollywood

lumineers in hollywood

Getting lumineers in Hollywood is a cosmetic dentistry procedure that many patients choose for the way it can completely transform your smile. Dr. Anthony Mobasser, DMD has years of experience doing lumineers with several Hollywood stars as former patients. Lumineers are an alternative choice to traditional veneers and can help you achieve a straight, white smile that looks and feels healthy. Before deciding on lumineers, it’s important to find out more about them to determine if you’re a good candidate for the procedure. Keep reading for everything you need to know and lumineers and they’re alternatives.

lumineers in hollywood

What are Lumineers?

Dr. Mobasser does eMax lumineers, which are a type of no prep veneer that is adhered to your natural teeth. They’re a less costly choice and can help create evenly spaced, well-shaped and white teeth in your entire mouth. They can be made very thin and are adhered to your tooth without adding too much thickness. This a great choice for people who don’t want to reduce their natural teeth and the entire procedure can be done without any numbing or anesthesia.

How are Lumineers in Hollywood Done?

The process for having lumineers placed is fairly easy. Dr. Mobasser will determine what shape and size the lumineers need to be and will have them created. They will then be glued to the fronts of your existing teeth in a fairly quick and painless procedure. They are made to cover your natural teeth so they will blend with the color of your mouth and help shape and even out your smile. If you ever need to have the lumineers removed, they are simply cut off and disposed of.

Who is a Good Candidate for Lumineers?


Unfortunately, not everyone is a viable candidate for getting lumineers. Dr. Mobasser will help you decide if they might work for your smile or if you’re better off choosing a different cosmetic dentistry procedure. People who have very dark or stained teeth won’t see much difference since the lumineers are very thin; the discoloration will show right through. If you have very crooked teeth or large gaps between them, lumineers won’t be able to mask that as they will simply cover the teeth you already have. In these cases, other procedures are best so that you can get the smile you want.

Advantages of Lumineers

As mentioned above, part of the allure of lumineers is that they are painless and don’t require much in the way of prep work. You won’t have to be numbed to have them bonded to your teeth and they can all be placed at the same time. They’re great for slightly crooked teeth or teeth that just need a quick facelift. It’s fast and easy to have lumineers done and you’ll love the instant upgrade to your smile. Research shows that people who are proud of their teeth have more confidence and a higher self esteem so choosing lumineers is a great idea if you try to hide your current smile and would like to be able to show it off instead. Other advantages of lumineers is that may help encourage you to make healthier oral health choices so that your gums and teeth are healthy and happy and always look their best.

How Long do Lumineers Last?

As with many cosmetic dentistry procedures, lumineers have a lifespan and you could need to have them removed and new ones applied at some point. According to Dr. Mobasser, your lumineers should last 15 to 20 years. Of course, taking proper care of them ensures that they last as long as possible. That means regular brushing and flossing as well as consistent dental checkups. Don’t use your teeth to open packages or for any other purpose besides eating, which helps keep your lumineers in place and prevents them from broken or damaged. Following after care directions very closely is vital for keeping your lumineers looking their best for as long as they last. Dr. Mobasser can help you determine if current lumineers are ready for replacement or if they still have some years left in them.  

Alternatives to Lumineers

Fortunately, if you turn out to not be a good candidate for lumineers, Dr. Mobasser can offer you alternatives to help you achieve the smile you want. Veneers are a great option as they can mask discoloration and can help straighten crooked teeth and cover spaces between them. The procedure is a bit more involved but can help correct a wide range of cosmetic dental issues. Veneers can last just as long as lumineers, up to 20 years, and can completely transform your smile so they’re a great thing to discuss if you find out your smile won’t benefit from lumineers.

IF you want to talk about getting lumineers, call for an appointment. A friendly, expert member of staff will be happy to discuss.

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