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Laser Dentistry

The laser has been used as an instrument and method of dental treatment since 1990. For over 20 years it has been proven to be an excellent treatment for various dental problems. It can be used separately or in conjunction with many other dental procedures. Many people do not know how the laser works and are afraid that laser procedures may cause pain. Here is how it works: it produces a beam of light, which is very narrow and full of energy. Upon encountering the tissue, it causes a specific reaction. It is a complete pain–free method and is widely used in healthcare today.


Laser dentistry is well known for use in soft tissue procedures and there are many advantages. First, in most cases, there is no need to use anesthesia which is attractive to most patients. Lasers provide you comfort not only during the procedure but also afterward. In addition, the laser provides more precise execution of any kind of procedure, when compared to other dentistry methods. It allows the dentist to control incidental bleeding during the procedure which reduces the level of bacteria in the tooth cavities and in the damaged gum tissue. It provides a shorter period of healing and recovery in most cases.

Application of Laser Dentistry

Some of the many applications of laser dentistry include: treating infections in root canals; making the whitening process easier and quicker; performing biopsy procedures; reducing the unpleasant feeling from cold sores or canker sores; removing overgrown tissue which due to the use of specific medications; removing certain muscle attachments which inhibit the proper movement of your mouth; treating gum disease or removing inflamed gum tissues; and helping reduce the pain from an erupted wisdom tooth.

Not everyone is a candidate for laser dentistry, therefore a complete evaluation, radiography, and consult is a must!

Smile Lifts

Facial Rejuvenation Dentistry or Smile Lift utilizes anti-aging teeth reconstruction techniques designed to plump up the lips or cheeks. In the field of cosmetic dentistry, smile lifts can be used to augment many plastic surgery procedures. The end result is increased facial volume, as a key to looking younger.

Now the answer to a younger look and to staying youthful can lie with the shape, form, and appearance of your teeth. Applying Dental Veneers to upper and lower teeth can plump up the lips, cover the black corridor in the cheek area, and restore facial volume. The cosmetic dentist must measure the upper and lower teeth to see if enough teeth are showing at the rest position. Usually, at the age of 35 and beyond, one to one and a half millimeter edge of the tooth should be showing at rest position. Evaluation of the sound “E” should be done to evaluate harmony and balance between teeth and the lip curvature. The lower teeth will be evaluated via length and width ratio in accordance with gum symmetry and gum exposure since the lip drops due to gravity after the age of 35.

After complete evaluation and bite analysis and prior to the procedure, the cosmetic dentist must evaluate if there is room to lengthen the upper teeth or lower teeth. If so, he or she must utilize the back teeth to open or increase the bite. This is because 1 mm of porcelain added to the back teeth translates to 3 mm in front teeth, and adding the height and tweaking the color to a natural white instantly takes years off your face. Of course in the hands of a skilled professional, the porcelain veneers are sculpted individually to flatter your face and bring your best facial features out.

If you are considering a Smile Lift or other cosmetic dentistry procedure, anywhere in the world, you can visit Dr. Anthony Mobasser for a full cosmetic dental evaluation. Call us today at 310-550-0383.

Chewing Gum

According to the American Dental Association (ADA), nowadays chewing sugar-free gums – especially those containing Xylitol – is a great aid for maintaining and protecting your teeth. This is mainly because Xylitol chewing gums increase saliva production, therefore protecting teeth and gums.

Sugar-free gums are not contraindicated on patients with porcelain veneers, porcelain inlays / onlays or who’ve had a full mouth restoration. One word of caution is not to chew gum while using temporary restorations. Also, if the chewing gum adheres to your teeth or between your teeth, it is highly advisable to visit your cosmetic dentist to rule out spacing or faulty restoration, which may be the cause.

Full Mouth Reconstruction Beverly Hills

Full mouth reconstruction can restore your dental health even if you have suffered from advanced periodontitis (Gum Disease), severe tooth decay or dental trauma. With Cosmetic Dental Reconstruction Teeth can be straightened, lost teeth can be replaced and a more youthful custom design appearance can be restored for your smile. Dr. Mobasser is a 30+ year skilled Beverly Hills full mouth reconstruction expert who can correct and transform your smile for the beautifully healthy look you have always deserved and dreamed of.

He offers treatments that can restore the appearance, function, and health of your smile. Dr. Mobasser understands how important your smile is to your self-confidence, and he will work with you to create a treatment plan that works for you.

Dr. Mobasser may recommend periodontal treatments that can control and restore good gum health. Porcelain veneers can be used to improve the form, function, and appearance of your teeth or used as instant orthodontics to straighten your teeth. Damaged teeth can be restored using inlays and onlays, dental tooth colored white fillings or porcelain crowns. Dr. Mobasser may recommend dental bridges, implants or cosmetic dentures to replace teeth that have been lost due to periodontal disease, decay or trauma. Dr. Mobasser will complete treatments in the most effective, efficient way possible so that you can have your new knockout smile faster than ever.

celebrity dentist

You only get one smile. Your smile should reflect who you are within. It should reveal not only your own natural beauty but also glimpses of your personality. Dental trauma, advanced periodontal disease, acidity in our foods and drinks, and tooth decay can detract from the beauty of your smile and leave it looking less than healthy.

Dr. Mobasser has helped revolutionize the field of cosmetic dentistry and has incorporated the most advanced treatment techniques and options in that field. He is able to not just whiten teeth permanently but completely transform smiles by filling causing food impaction, aligning crooked or maloccluded teeth or even combining multiple treatments into an incomparable Hollywood smile makeover or stunning full mouth reconstruction.

Whether you have always been unhappy about your smile or if your smile has suffered dental trauma, dental neglect or dental disease, His reputation in the entertainment industry is unparalleled, and he has become one of the most acclaimed celebrity dentists for distinguished elites in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, and around the world.

With the right treatment plan from Dr. Mobasser, not only your smile but also your confidence can be completely transformed. We offer extensive treatment options that include professional tooth bleaching at onset, dental laminates, porcelain veneers, dental bonding, tooth-colored fillings, porcelain crowns, inlays, onlays, dental bridges, gum care, and dental implants. Your individual treatment plan will address your primary concerns and give you the smile of your dreams.

Implant Dentists Procedures and Steps

The goal of each Dentist is to restore the missing tooth or teeth, so the teeth can function, the dental Implant placed will be biologically sound. Last, a long time, feel good and look great. The Implant Dentist will be able to restore teeth that resemble teeth the patients have lost before the decay or the accident. There must be no differences in functionality and phonetics by having implants placed, so the patient will be able to eat and speak as when he had their natural teeth.

The Dental implant Procedure and Steps:

The implant procedure is usually done in stages:

1. In the first stage, the dental surgeon will place the implant into the patient’s jaw bone (if there is not enough bone, other procedures such as Bone grafting is required). After placing the implant flush with the bone, the implant will be protected from the occlusion or bite forces while the healing process will have already begun. When the healing period is over, which is about 3 months, the implant will have to be exposed surgically by having some overlying gum tissue removed.

2. After the first stage, the second stage surgical procedure implies the surgeon checking the implant and seeing whether it has been successfully integrated with the bone. If osseointegration is successful, then the restoration of the dental implants commence. The implant dentist will be either placing a pre-made or custom post to create a structure so that the final dental crown can be cemented or screwed on top of the abutment or post. Afterward, the gum will be allowed to be healed through around the abutment (post) so that eventually it forms a collar through which the implant restorative dentist will be able to easily access the implant when he will prepare the final restorative stage of having the implant crowns placed.

3. In many cases, research proved that it’s possible dental implant dentists may place the abutment (the post) at the same time with the dental implant fixture (which can be in titanium or ceramic and substitutes the root). Of course, for osseointegration, the implant still requires proper healing.

4. Again these Abutments need to also be adequately protected and not be exposed to chewing forces, after initial placement, while they are integrating into the jaw bone. Then after they have successfully integrated and healed, the final stage may commence. This stage implies creating and then having the prosthetic teeth (fixed crowns) connected to the implants.

What is One-Stage Surgery?

This is a method that makes use of a one-piece dental implant which features a metal collar that already the post or abutment is integrated with the dental implant fixture, while the bone is healing, and osseointegration is taking place. After a certain period of time in which healing has been possible, there will be an implant crown that’s going to get connected via a screw or cemented to the implant fixture.

What is the overall Success Rate of Dental Implants?

Even though many dentists have decades of experience in such a procedure, there is still not 100% success rate, and in some cases food impaction has been reported especially if the dental implant is adjacent to natural dentition or tooth, However, research around the U.S, reported a success rate to be around 90%. Doctor Anthony Mobasser is an experienced Cosmetic and full mouth implant dentist, with his private practice in Los Angeles, serving Beverly Hills, Hollywood CA, in which he states that not everyone is a candidate for dental implants, and each patient must be selected carefully to have the best results possible. His state of the art private office paired by his experience and knowledgeable staff proves to be extremely effective in satisfying the needs of even the most demanding of patients. You may contact him at 310-550-0383 for your implant needs.

Beverly Hills Dental Implants – Offered by a World Renowned Dentist

celebrity dentist

In today’s hectic world, time is as precious as a beautiful smile, but even though many patients could use a smile improvement they find it difficult to find the time. A Celebrity Dentist, Dr. Anthony Mobasser, along with his network of specialists, provides every step of the dental implant process starting from the planning phase to treatment. Keep reading to learn more about dental implants offered by your Beverly Hills Cosmetic Dentist.

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