Complete Dental Reconstruction in Los Angeles

Complete Dental Reconstruction in Los Angeles

A “complete dental reconstruction” sounds like an enormous procedure, the kind of thing that takes weeks if not months of intensive care to complete. It may also sound like something that only a small amount of people need. Many of our patients enter thinking that a “dental reconstruction” is a procedure for someone who’s suffered an injury that knocked out many of their teeth, or something similar. However, none of the above assumptions are correct. This kind of dental reconstruction is fairly common and can happen for a variety of anodyne reasons. In this blog, we’ll go into further detail about this procedure as well as how Dr. Mobasser performs this procedure to set him apart from the rest.

Your Dental Reconstruction in Los Angeles

A complete dental reconstruction in Los Angeles from Dr. Mobasser is mostly used for people whose teeth have shifted or moved away from where they were originally were. Through the course of life, your teeth may have altered their positions, which can lead to a host of problems. Many of Dr. Mobasser’s patients have complained of jaw and neck pain or even migraine headaches. The latter may not sound like something that can be caused by tooth problems, but Dr. Mobasser believes strongly in a kind of dentistry that sees the connection between the health of the mouth and the health of the rest of the patient’s body. To treat the mouth is to treat the entire person, one and the same.

Dr. Mobasser’s Reconstruction Procedure

A reconstruction can include any of Dr. Mobasser’s procedures. Often, he uses a variety of his procedures together to make sure that a person’s smile looks as great as possible. This is one more place where Dr. Mobasser’s experience is so valuable. He’s been working on peoples’ teeth for multiple decades. He knows what makes a great smile, the attention to detail, the things that may seem small but make all the difference in the world. Through that, he’s able to offer a reconstruction that meets all of your specific needs. Informed by his experience, he works with his entire staff to formulate a plan that’s completely individualized for you and only you.

Complete Dental Reconstruction in Los Angeles

A Reconstruction for You

No two sets of teeth are the same.  The problems that one person may have with their gums, mouth and jaw are entirely different than the problems of the next. So, by that reasoning, a reconstruction cannot have a “one size fits all” mentality. We understand that at Dr. Mobasser’s. Your procedure is your own, and we make sure to incorporate any and all different methods to ensure that yours is as successful as possible. In many cases, that means that we use dental implants. Still others may find that veneer onlays are what it requires to give them the mouth they’ve always wanted. Porcelain veneers and dental crowns are part of many a reconstruction. We perform a reconstruction that works for you.

Reconstruction and Restoration

In a majority of Dr. Mobasser’s reconstructions, we raise your bite to its original position. That’s the one it had before your teeth began moving and the problems began. Often, we find that many reconstructions involve fixing problems caused by worn out back teeth putting too much pressure on the patient’s front teeth. In a mouth that’s properly balanced, the back teeth chew while the front teeth tear food up. Should those roles be reversed, something is amiss. In that circumstance, balance can be restored through a full mouth reconstruction.

The keyword for a full mouth reconstruction is “balance.” In the end, that’s what this procedure is designed to bring back to your mouth. When teeth shift, move and even protrude, they upend the balance that your mouth relies upon. That’s where so many problems that can plague a person’s mouth come from. So, to counteract them, Dr. Mobasser balances your mouth out correctly. This entails making sure that your gums are aligned properly with your jaw and your teeth with them both, and so forth. The goal of such a procedure is to beautify your entire mouth. That way, you can be more comfortable with significantly reduced (if not eliminated) tension.

Any procedure that includes the words “full” and “reconstruction” seems like it might take forever, but that’s not the case with this one. In fact, you can do the entire procedure with Dr. Mobasser in just three to four visits. Think about it: you could have gone through an entire, comprehensive and life-changing procedure in roughly a month. Of course, this is just one of the many life-changing procedures that we offer here at the Celebrity Dentist. To find out how we can help you get the smile you’ve always wanted, give us a call at (310) 550-0383 or head to our site to send a message.

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