Dental Implant Dentist in Replacing Lost Teeth

dental implant dentist

Adults have 32 permanent teeth. But most people would lose one or some of them for various reasons. Before, the only option adults had to replace their missing teeth was dentures. Now, your dental implant dentist may suggest getting dental implants. 

dental implant dentist

Not Just About Aesthetics for a Dental Implant Dentist 

Some may think that replacing lost teeth is just about aesthetics. But, as Dr. Anthony Mobasser said, a lost tooth can negatively affect the structure of your mouth. Before we dive into that, let us first talk about the causes of tooth loss. 

Causes of Tooth Loss 

In some cases, tooth loss is the result of an accident. Have you noticed the teeth of hockey players? Some of them have lost while playing the game. 

Basketball players, too, are at high risk of losing their teeth when they play basketball without wearing a mouthguard. 

You may also lose your teeth from a car accident or an impact from a blow to your face. 

If you have the habit of grinding or clenching your teeth, it may result in jaw pain. But it is not the only effect you can get from teeth grinding. Your dentist may also identify dental issues that may permanently damage your teeth if left untreated. 

In other cases, patients would lose their teeth because of gum disease, and this case is the result of poor dental hygiene habits. 

Unfortunately, half of the adult population has gum disease. If you do not floss or brush daily, you risk developing gum disease that can lead to infection. 

And if it is left untreated, it causes the teeth to become loose. 

Effects of Losing Your Teeth 

Every tooth in your mouth has a vital role in the overall structure of your mouth. When there is a gap in the teeth after losing a tooth, it can affect the relationship between other natural teeth. One of these effects is your ability to speak well. 

Your speech can be greatly affected when you lose your teeth. Even with one tooth missing, you will have difficulty articulating different sounds. 

Apart from speech, your bite will also change. When a tooth is missing, the remaining teeth will start to move as the bite pressure is displaced, and it causes a significant shift over time that can affect the remaining teeth. 

Then, there is the issue of the gap left by a missing tooth. It encourages plaque and bacteria to form in the neighboring teeth. Your teeth will be more susceptible to gum disease if you do not practice good oral hygiene. 

And, of course, your overall appearance will be greatly affected. You may no longer interact with others because you will be afraid they will laugh at you because of your missing teeth.

The good thing is that several options exist to replace your lost teeth. 

And the most viable option is a dental implant. 

Unfortunately, not all patients can be great candidates for this procedure. To know if you can be a good candidate for this dental treatment, talk to our dental implant dentist by scheduling an appointment. Call us at (310) 550-0383

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