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dental implant dentist

In the past, the only option you may have had available to you if you had missing teeth was to go with dentures. Many people found dentures to be ill-fitting, painful to use, difficult to clean, and unappealing to look at. Over the years, technology and dental methods have developed and changed, bringing new possibilities that can provide you with longer lasting and better-looking results. The use of dental implants has become standard today among cosmetic dentists, but just because so many dentists can provide the procedure, it does not mean you should go see just anyone to have work performed. You want to make sure you select an expert dental implant dentist, so you get the best results.

dental implant dentist

Reputation of Dentist

Before you go to see a cosmetic dentist, you want to know what their reputation is like in the industry. Doing some research is advisable because this is such a significant investment for you in terms of time, health, and money. Ask around to people you know so you can find out who they might recommend for work like this. You may also want to ask your general dentist if they have a recommendation for a cosmetic dentist that you can go to. Once you have a couple of names, look at how the dentists are reviewed by other patients in different forums. You can gain a better understanding of how each dentist makes their patients feel and what the quality of the results is in the eyes of other patients.

A Dentist Who Makes You Comfortable

When you go to consult with a dental implant dentist, you need to feel comfortable with the dentist you have chosen. Be ready to discuss the needs you have for implants and have questions or concerns set to relay to the dentist you are meeting with. Judge their answers and how they make you feel during your consultation. If the dentist puts you at ease, explains everything to you thoroughly, and does not try to rush you or pressure you into something, this may be the dentist that you want to perform this delicate procedure for you.

The Dentist You Can Trust

If you are seeking an expert dental implant dentist to provide you with dental implants that look and feel the best, you want to come to see us at the dental practice of Dr. Anthony Mobasser. Dr. Mobasser is a premier cosmetic dentist who has used dental implants with many patients over the years. His experience and talents can help you achieve the quality results that will make you proud of your teeth and smile. You can find out more about dental implants, the procedure, and Dr. Mobasser when you visit our website and examine the articles that are there. To set up a consultation with Dr. Mobasser so you can discuss the possibility of dental implants and find out if you are an ideal candidate, you can phone our office at (310) 550-0383, and we will be happy to assist you.

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