Deciding Between Veneers and Lumineers in Hollywood

lumineers in hollywood

When it comes to improving your smile, there are countless different procedures for you. Veneers and lumineers, for example, have been gaining traction lately as two of the top ways to improve the look of teeth. Here are a few pointers if you are looking to get either veneers or lumineers in Hollywood.

Benefits and Risks

The first concern most people have when it comes to getting veneers or lumineers in Hollywood will be the risks that need to be factored in. Either process will often require a simple two visits to be completed, but veneers will often require more preparation than lumineers, which also cost less. Neither procedure is inherently risky, but you might not be the best candidate for both of them. Lumineers, for example, will depend on the existing alignment and the patient’s bite. Conversely, Veneers won’t be the best call if you only deal with surface-level issues that could potentially be addressed otherwise. The best course of action will be to get a consultation beforehand in which the options are explored.

 lumineers in Hollywood

Desired Color

When it comes to color, there will be a very distinct look for both veneers and lumineers. People seeking to get either procedure done with a certain aesthetic goal in mind should know that there are differences in the final color of the teeth. A whiter smile will be achieved with the help of veneers since the amount of tooth structure removed will be substituted with white porcelain material. Meanwhile, lumineers add porcelain to the tooth structure. If you start with a fairly discolored tooth and try to correct coloration, you might end up with bulky and big teeth. Veneers will be a better call if you need to improve color significantly.

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Ultimate Look

So which procedure will give you a fuller smile? If you want to get rid of dark spaces between teeth or your teeth and your cheek, then lumineers will get the job done. Depending on the bite of the opposing teeth, lumineers can help give patients a fuller and wider smile. However, if this is what you wish, but you have a tight bite or a crossbite, it will be up to the veneers to get this fixed. Lumineer treatments, however, can be designed in such a way that they shape and fix crossbites, restoring the function and the symmetrical balance force of occlusion instead of a veneer overlay.

Getting Lumineers in Hollywood

If you think that lumineers might be the right treatment for you, you might do well to get a consultation with Dr. Anthony Mobaser. Lumineers in Hollywood might, after all, be the right procedure to take your smile to the next level. Even now, Dr. Mobasser is engaging in remote consultations whenever possible, limiting actual procedures to emergencies. If you need an emergency procedure or perhaps would like a remote consultation, we can help you out. Call us at (310) 550-0383 or request an appointment using our website.

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