Cost of Veneers: Invest in Your Smile

Cost of Veneers Invest in Your Smile Los Angeles Celebrity Dentist

If you want to fix your smile with cosmetic dentistry, you likely have heard of veneers. They are a great option to restore and improve your smile permanently. Please keep reading to learn more about the cost of veneers.

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What is the Cost of Veneers?

In Los Angeles, you will likely see a range of pricing for veneers. The average cost for one veneer that an experienced dentist does will be around $2,000, and that cost can increase if there is anything additional that needs to be done for your veneer procedure.

You are not only paying for the custom-made porcelain veneer that will be bonded to your tooth, but you are also paying for the procedure done by trusted and experienced hands. If you want your veneers to come out great, you should go to a trusted dentist like Dr. Mobasser, who works with celebrities and other dentists.

It is also important to know that you will eventually have to replace your veneers. If you take great care of them and do not have bad habits such as using your teeth to open packaging, you can have your veneers for a long time.

Do Veneers Require Dental Sedation?

There are only two reasons why you may need to be sedated for veneers. If you need sedation, it will affect the cost of veneers.

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The first reason you may need sedation is if the procedure involves working under the gumline. If we are placing your veneers under your gums, we will have to shave away some enamel under there, which can be quite uncomfortable. You would want a sedative for this. We typically put the veneers in line with the gums, so you do not always have to worry about sedation.

The second reason you might need sedation for your veneers is if you have anxiety or a phobia of dental procedures. We want you to be as comfortable as possible.

We can provide you with sedation that will relax you enough to feel sleepy and calm throughout the procedure. You may even fall asleep during it, but you will not be put all the way to sleep. This is typically done with an oral medication such as Valium.

Other Cosmetic Treatment Options

If you want cosmetic work done to your smile, you can trust Dr. Mobasser to give you a smile you love. His eye for detail has been established by his many years of perfecting smiles.

If you want similar results that veneers provide but you are not quite sure if you are ready for your tooth enamel to be shaved down for a veneer, you can look into Lumineers. These are thin strips of porcelain bonded to the tooth, but they are much thinner and do not require any reshaping of your teeth. They do not last as long as veneers, and they cannot fix smiles as effectively as veneers, but they are a great option for someone who wants to see a better smile.

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