Bone Grafting for Dental Implants

Bone Grafting for Dental Implants Los Angeles Dentist Free Consultation

If you have a missing or damaged tooth, you likely have been looking into your treatment options. Dental implants are a popular treatment method for permanent tooth replacement. Unfortunately, not everyone is going to be considered a good candidate for a dental implant because of their jawbone structure. The good news is that bone grafting can help someone to become a candidate for dental implants.

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What is Bone Grafting?

A bone graft is a procedure done to help you add bone mass to your jawbone for dental treatment. This is to reverse bone loss.

There are four materials that can be used for a bone graft. You can use materials from your own body. It would be a piece of bone from a different part of your body. You may also be able to get it from a human tissue bank. Another option is to use animal bone for your bone graft. Lastly, there is an option to use a synthetic bone material.

Whichever material is used for your procedure will be placed in the area where bone loss has occurred. It is essentially giving your body a chance to retain that new material and strengthen the area. Ideally, your body will create new tissue to hold the graft in. That would be considered a successful procedure.

Once your procedure is found to have worked, you are going to be able to proceed with other dental procedures such as dental implants.

Why Would I Need Bone Grafting?

Dental implants are among several reasons why you may way to get a bone graft. We typically place bone grafts for someone who has bone degeneration in their jaw where we are going to be looking to put the dental implant.

Bone degeneration can also happen without having missing teeth. You may want to get a bone graft if you are having teeth removed. It can help stabilize the area.

When you are getting dentures fitted, you may have had your teeth missing for some time. With this amount of time, your jawbone may have degenerated, which can change your face shape. Bone grafting can be the appropriate treatment for this issue.

If you have gum disease that has progressed, you can experience bone loss in your jawbone. A bone graft may be applicable for you if this is the case.

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