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Do you know what halitosis is? Well, it has another name besides that one. We all know it as bad breath. It can be caused for many reasons, some less complicated than others. However, there are plenty of treatments to solve each one of them. Dr. Anthony Mobasser is a celebrity dentist capable of detecting the root of your problem and eradicating it. We know halitosis is a severe problem for you. Maybe socially or emotionally, or both. It can make it hard when trying to reach other people. But worry no more; you can talk to Dr. Mobasser today and schedule an appointment as soon as possible. We will solve this situation for you!

celebrity dentist

Probable Causes of Halitosis

People are often right. Maybe some people don’t brush their teeth, and that’s why they get bad breath. But that’s not even the main reason for it. Yet it’s among the main reasons. See, bad breath can be produced for a lot of reasons, and they can be, for instance:

  • Tobacco: Smoking is the main reason for halitosis since it increases the probability of getting gum diseases. Additionally, it produces a plethora of odors, and not one is good.
  • Dehydration: Your mouth is meant to clean itself through your saliva. But if it’s dry, bad odors appear in the image.


  • Bad Oral Hygiene: As we already told you, bad hygiene is among the main reasons. When a person doesn’t brush their teeth, what happens is that they leave food particles in between their teeth that later decompose and create a very bad odor. And even if leaving food wasn’t the problem, when digestion starts, odors come up your throat. 
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  • Diseases: Gum disease, some cancer types, and even when the liver fails, can cause halitosis because of the chemicals released in those processes. Among other reasons, diseases are often the root of the problem.


The main and easiest solution is to start having good oral hygiene. Brush your teeth right after every meal, not before, because your teeth would then be left with food particles. Floss to take every possible particle out of your mouth. Keep your mouth hydrated. You need to drink water constantly so your body detox itself and your mouth are well hydrated. You could also try sugar-free candies and gums, which help your mouth produce more saliva and, consequently, clean itself.

You could also avoid certain foods that can cause bad breath because of their ingredients. Garlic, onion, curry, and others will not help you in your battle against halitosis. And if you are a smoker, we entirely encourage you to stop doing it. If you have been a smoker for a long time, do not stop immediately because your body is used to it. Stopping immediately would cause a bad reaction for you. Instead, you can gradually do so.

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