The Aesthetic Benefits of Dental Bonding

Dental Bonding

Over the years, dental care improved dramatically. Despite that, people are still suffering from dental diseases. According to a study from the American Academy of Periodontology over half of America suffers from gum disease. One of the reasons is that individuals are still neglecting to brush and floss their teeth every day. Dental decay affects millions of people in the US. But patients take their conditions for granted until it’s already too late.  Dr. Anthony Mobasser recommends taking action at the very first sign of cavities. Keep in mind that leaving it untreated could lead to a host of several dental health issues that become severe.

Premature tooth loss

According to Diseases of the Mouth, tooth decay is hard to reverse if not caught early. Its effects aren’t noticeable at first. However, the damage can be permanent. At the earliest state of the issue, the symptoms of dental cavities aren’t visible yet, but your dentist should be able to detect them. For that reason, it’s always ideal that you go for a regular checkup to see whether you have dental cavities or issues that require immediate treatment. Never allow the decay to advance as it can result in immediate extractions. 

When you lose a tooth because of dental decay, it can cause your other remaining teeth to shift. The changes can increase the risk of several other conditions, like jawbone loss and gum diseases. That said, dental bonding is great for cosmetic and regular dentistry. It’s versatile and provides you with excellent results. However, as with any dental procedure, you should make sure you get the best dentist to perform it. It’s particularly important to get a good dentist to perform your work with dental bonding as it can drastically affect the appearance of your teeth. This is especially true if it’s used to replace an older filling as that is a more complex process. When it comes to teeth repair you want someone who can expertly craft teeth with bonding and specializes in restoring teeth.

Dental Bonding

Dental bonding is important to your overall dental health. It is a newer treatment that is FDA-approved. Most commonly it replaces old cavity fillings as it is better for the teeth and helps restore them. Old style fillings can occasionally cause damage to teeth and potentially fracture resulting in people more commonly replacing them with bonding. The bonding can also be used to close gaps in teeth and is often used in cosmetic dentistry. It’s also the easiest change if you’re looking to restore the shape of your teeth or repair slight damage. This is because it’s the least invasive and usually cheapest form of reconstruction. When used to reconstruct or fix non decay damage it requires little preparation and very little if any tooth removal making it a preferred method of many. For those looking for the least invasive yet still effective change bonding is a great option. It can restore the shape of teeth which makes it important for both cosmetic dentistry and general health dentistry. As it is so important for both its important to get the best dentist to perform it.

Dental Bonding

Dentist’s Patients

Dental BondingDr. Mobasser’s patients come from all walks of life and various parts of the world. They know that they couldn’t find the best dental results anywhere. So, they would flock to his office and wouldn’t mind traveling for hours just to get to LA and undergo a dental procedure at his office. He’s not only skilled, but he also has a proven track record for treating his patients with excellent results and being the named Southern California’s Top Dentists’ for 3rd straight year. He makes sure that his services are accessible to all of his patients.

He believes that the best way to treat someone’s tooth is to conserve its structure. For that reason, he only follows the least invasive procedure available to his patients. With proper conversation, your healthy teeth can last a lifetime.When you look at the before and after dental photos of his patients, you’ll understand that Dr. Mobasser has indeed keen eyes for beauty and artistic ability to turn someone’s smile into dazzling, head-turning one.

What if I’m Not a Celebrity?

Some people are intimidated when they hear about Dr. Mobasser’s reputation. Because Dr. Mobasser is known as the cosmetic dentist of Hollywood celebrities, captains of industry and royalty, average individuals are hesitant to visit his dental office. But don’t be. No matter who you are, whatever your social status is, Dr. Mobasser and his team will treat you the same way they treat those VIPs. In other words, you’ll get the royal treatment as well. For Dr. Mobasser, he believes that all people can have a gorgeous smile that they can be proud of. You don’t have to be a celebrity or a politician to visit the dental office of Dr. Mobasser. In fact, he can give you a solution that you would not have thought possible. That’s how Dr. Mobasser works with his patients. He ensures that every patient that comes into his dental office will be jubilant after receiving treatment from Dr. Mobasser. To set up an appointment with Dr. Mobasser, please call (310) 550-0383.

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