Analysis of a Cosmetic Dental Treatment

Analysis of a Cosmetic Dental Treatment | Los Angeles Cosmetic Dentist


The patient did not like her smile due to having worn down teeth, moderate discoloration, asymmetrical shape, tooth decay, and gaps between her front teeth. The patient wanted an expert cosmetic dental treatment in Los Angeles to make her teeth longer to give her a fuller smile since the teeth are thinned out. She was seeking a healthy white smile.

Analysis of a Cosmetic Dental Treatment | Los Angeles Cosmetic Dentist
Analysis of a Cosmetic Dental Treatment | Los Angeles Cosmetic Dentist

Determining Treatment

When determining the proper treatment, an expert cosmetic dentist will perform a comprehensive examination, including x-rays, study models, and bite analysis. Thorough examinations help the expert cosmetic dentist decide what kind of porcelain should be used for that particular patient to look great and last as long as possible.

Types of Materials Used for Veneers

Veneers can be done with feldspathic porcelain, lithium disilicate (Emax), zirconia porcelain, or any combination above. The cosmetic dentist must decide which will fit the patient’s cosmetic needs and what will function well in the patient’s mouth. Note that some veneers can also be milled or pressed; each has pros and cons. All specifications are determined by the cosmetic dentist’s knowledge and expertise.

Cosmetic Dental Treatment for the Patient

The cosmetic dental treatment started with removing decay and restoring teeth with composite bonding and tooth-colored white fillings, which relieved her sensitivity.

After teeth whitening was done to get the teeth as white as possible before having veneer preparation and shaping of the teeth, the patient was shown a wax-up example on the models, and the length was discussed with the patient. If any tweaking were necessary, depending on the bite and function, the master ceramist would adjust it for the patient.

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Once the patient approved the potential form and shape, the smile makeover (including veneers and crowns) was performed in two visits, transforming her existing smile into a million-dollar smile.

At the time of the first visit, the old crowns were removed, and the teeth were minimally shaped for dental veneers. We conserve as much enamel as possible for the final bonding of veneers to the tooth.

Due to wear or acidity in the mouth, some patients have exposed dentin, which an expert cosmetic dentist will try not to prepare the exposed dentin further and add to those dentin surfaces.

At the final/second visit, all the temporaries are removed, and the teeth are sterilized. Each porcelain veneer or crown is tried in for fit and then all together to make sure they fit great. The color and shape of the veneers are checked.

Using a strict protocol for bonding veneers to the tooth, they will be one with the tooth and extremely strong!

In this case, the combination of Emax and feldspathic porcelain was used for each veneer. For the crowns, a combination of Zirconia with Feldspathic porcelain was used. The result was an amazing smile, and the patient was ecstatic!

Get Your Smile Makeover

If you are interested in meeting with Dr. Mobasser for your cosmetic dental treatment to achieve a stunning smile, please do not wait to call our office. We would be glad to set you up with your free consultation to discuss enhancing your smile’s beauty.


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