3 Warning Signs of Impacted Wisdom Teeth


Not all impacted teeth require extraction; however, depending on the affected tooth’s position, you might need surgical intervention. It would be best if you got a consult from an experienced dentist to guide you.

Knowing the signs of having impacted wisdom teeth will let you know whether or not you’ll need professional dental help. However, when you visit your dentist for regular dental checkups, impacted wisdom teeth that can potentially cause problems can be detected earlier.

If you start having problems with your wisdom teeth, they could be a sign that your impacted third molars are trying to come in or causing gum infection. Although some signs and symptoms prompt you that something is wrong with your wisdom teeth, these three signs will give you reasons to make an appointment and see Dr. Anthony Mobasser.

  1. Pain, discomfort, inability to chew
  2. Swollen, bleeding, inflamed gums near the impacted tooth
  3. Swelling within and around your jaw

These three are primary signs and symptoms that your wisdom teeth can be a potential trouble source. Other symptoms will include unpleasant breath, swollen glands, experiencing a bad taste in your mouth, and headaches.


If the condition is not treated immediately, it can cause serious complications that can lead to infection primarily and, in some occasions crowding in your front teeth. This will also cause abnormal decay in the root area to adjacent teeth. Infection in and around the area will also take place. You must consult the best dentist to treat your impacted wisdom teeth. There are various degrees of an impacted tooth. You may notice that the part of the tooth’s crown is showing; this is called a semi-impacted wisdom tooth. That is usually a problem. Partially and completely impacted wisdom teeth can cause your gums near the semi-impacted third molar to bleed. It can also result in mild pain if you don’t see your dentist immediately. Sometimes, due to the swollen gum, near the wisdom tooth, your opposing tooth biting on the gum can cause serious complications.

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Other complications will include gum disease and tooth decay. Your wisdom teeth are more likely to get infected, or tooth decay may occur because this area is difficult to clean, causing food and bacteria to be trapped between your teeth and gums. The development of cysts around this area is also possible. These teeth grow in a sac found in the jaw. When the sac is filled with fluid, it can result in painful cysts causing damage to your nerves. And if you neglect those warning signs, it may lead to a more severe problem, which may require complicated dental treatment. As soon as you start experiencing warning signs of impacted wisdom teeth, you must talk and schedule an appointment with Dr. Anthony Mobasser. He is an expert in treating wisdom teeth.

Removing wisdom teeth is not your only option when they’re impacted. However, you’ll have to see Dr. Mobasser for a complete evaluation; if the impacted tooth is not causing any problem, why do you need to remove or extract it? Consultation is a must with a good dentist. For more information regarding your consultation with our celebrity dentist in Los Angeles, click here: https://celebritydentist.com/why-full-mouth-evaluation-examination-is-necessary-before-you-ask-the-price/.

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