What are Invisaligns? When Do Dentist Use Them?


What are Invisaligns? When Do Dentist Use Them?

Invisaligns are designed to straighten your teeth and enhance your oral health and smile. Introduced in 2000, Invisaligns are made of BPA-free clear plastic trays in which you need to wear as retainers, and usually change every 2 weeks. Due to their clear plastic material they tend to be invisible, unlike the traditional braces.

That said, if you don’t want the cost, pain, and hassle associated with standard braces, then you should consider having Invisaligns. They are removal invisible aligners that can straighten your teeth the same way as the regular braces. There are no heavy metals or rubber bands required for invisalign treatment. You’re required to wear them for around couple of weeks and you can remove them when you eat, drink and brush.

Unlike dental braces, Invisaligns requires a visit to your dentist once every six weeks. This is to make sure that your teeth’ alignment is progressing.

Broader Approach

Known as the celebrity dentist or the dentist of many other dentists, Dr. Anthony Mobasser is an elite cosmetic dentist with years of experience in Invisaligns and other treatment systems. With his broader approach in straightening your teeth and enhancing your smile, he can provide you with better results. This is especially true if your case is complex.

Are they right for me?

They are, if you can commit to wearing them for at least 22 hours a day. If you skimp on wearing them, you won’t get the best results. Essentially, if you’re not committed, you’re just wasting your time and money.

The top cosmetic dentist, Dr. Anthony Mobasser, will first examine your teeth, bite, evaluate your xrays to know if you can take advantage of Invisaligns or your case will be better improved by braces and other teeth straightening procedures. He’ll use a computer imaging technology to help him establish the right and complete treatment plan for you. Dental Invisalign treatment is not indicated for patients that need surgical intervention to correct the under-bite or want to get rid of gummy smiles.

Per Dr Mobasser one should not start invisalign before having a full comprehensive dental check up. Since cavities or infections in the mouth can worsen with teeth movement!

If Invisalign can help your smile, our cosmetic dentist will send the impressions to create a custom-made set of aligners. Each aligner is worn for two weeks. These invisible braces are not similar to tooth-whitening trays. Each time you use a new aligner, you’ll feel mild discomfort. But the discomfort and pain are far less than those metal braces. You may also experience problems with how you talk, but they’re limited and not permanent.

In terms of the cost, Invisaligns have almost the same price range as braces, which can cost $5000 and up. If your insurance can cover dental braces partially, it may also cover Invisaligns.

Straightening your teeth to improve your overall smile and oral health must not be taken lightly. Thus, it makes sense to consult an experienced specialist in Invisaligns, like Dr. Anthony Mobasser.

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