What Is The Procedure For Dental Veneers In Beverly Hills

a dental veneers in Beverly Hills

If you have several cracked or chipped visible teeth, then it is very likely that you have considered what options your dentist might be able to offer. One option is dental veneers.

Veneers are slivers of material – either resin or porcelain- applied directly to the teeth to create a new surface. Veneers can be implemented for single or multiple teeth, including a set that transforms the entire smile line. Veneers are one of the most accessible and stress-free cosmetic procedures that you can have. Here is some information about the procedure for dental veneers in Beverly Hills.

  •       Preliminary

The preliminary stage in any veneer procedure will always involve visiting the dentist. During this visit, the only thing that will be required is taking several different x-rays for your professional to get a clear idea of the task they are facing. Once the x-rays reveal the facts, you can go to the next stage in your next appointment.

  •       Preparation

The next stage is preparation. This will involve an appointment where your dentist will start to trim about half a millimeter of enamel from the teeth set to have veneers attached. They will then take an impression mold of your teeth to send to the lab, and the lab will be able to create a veneer casing that fits the contours of your dental shapes exactly. This usually takes around two weeks.

a dental veneers in Beverly Hills

  •       Placement

This next appointment will involve fitting the veneers to your teeth. The teeth will first be cleaned thoroughly, and then the dentist will slightly roughen the surface to improve the adhesion. Sometimes there might be extra work required to make the teeth ready. Veneers are attached using a special kind of dental cement that then hardens very quickly under ultraviolet light.

  •       Preservation

The final stage in the veneer process is preservation, one that can be completed inside and outside the dentist’s surgery. Your dentist will schedule one follow-up appointment for a few weeks after the placement of the veneers. This appointment will be used to check that the veneers have adhered properly and remained in place since they were installed. If any small adjustments need to be made, the dentist will perform them, but in most cases, a patient will not have to think about their veneers again until years in the future when the prospect of replacing them crops up.

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