What is the longevity crown and porcelain veneers ?

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Many people may wonder the longevity crown and porcelain veneers. Generally speaking dental veneers if done properly can last more than 20 years, and the same can go for properly done porcelain crowns. I have done veneers and crowns, about 28 years ago that they are still functioning in patients mouths and look great, and unfortunately, I had to redo some crowns 10 years after placement since the patient got root decays and never kept his preventative care maintenance.

The longevity depends on:

1- Oral hygiene of the patient

2- Proper preventative maintenance dictated by the treating dentist

3- The fit of the dental crown or porcelain veneer

4- The preparation of the tooth, performed by the dentist, (minimally invasive?)

5- Your bite and occlusion, and if your dentist have prescribed you a night guard to be worn

6- Your saliva consistency and many more factors…

Generally speaking I like to say veneers outlasts crowns, if the preparations are in the enamel, and they is a more conservative treatment compared to porcelain crowns in which all the enamel needs to be removed! Also, keep in mind that you can always have porcelain crown done if the porcelain veneer fails, however the other way around is not possible. Once the tooth structure is removed, it is gone!

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Pictured below: Porcelain Crowns two front teeth before and after.

Longevity crown and porcelain veneers