What all can be done to fix my crooked smile?

The two teeth next to my front teeth are tiny and pushed back. My front two teeth slightly face towards each other. I’m having composite resin/bonding to fix this, (less $ than veneers) but do I need gum contouring? I want my teeth to all be a similar size and an even gum line.

I would not call it crooked by any means, and you can improve and enhance your existing smile to a million dollar smile. Here is some suggestions:

1- since you do have a light skin, you can afford whiter teeth, so prior to having dental procedure done, see if you can do teeth bleaching, let your dentist check your teeth for any sensitivity or cracks before starting with teeth whitening.

2- Your front and back teeth are tilted in. So possibly have a consult with orthodontist to expand your upper and lower back teeth to decrease the black uneven buccal corridor ( this is the space between your cheeks and the back teeth, this can give you a fuller, more attractive smile. If time is an issue, or you do not want orthodontic treatment, then I do suggest a gum contouring to reduce the gummy smile and placing porcelain veneers. If cost is a factor dental bonding can be done, but it will not be as strong and color permanent as dental veneers.

3- your front teeth are pushed in, it would be great if the cosmetic dentist can do porcelain veneers, by bringing all your front teeth a bit out. Also your two front teeth are dominating your smile, in order to distribute a more natural width ratio, then your dentist must remove slight enamel from the sides of your two dominant front tooth and add that to your tiny (lateral) teeth, so they will look more harmonious, and better ratios.
Again depending on your budget, you can discuss porcelain veneers vs dental bonding with your cosmetic dentist. That said THIN  Veneers will be a more permanent stronger solution than dental bonding, due to strength and color stability, hence less possibility of chipping and controlling your diet for colored foods or drinks.

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