Can a Skilled Cosmetic Dentist in Beverly Hills Fix Chipped Tooth?

skilled cosmetic dentist in beverly hills

A chipped tooth is common. Whether you’re a celebrity, you’ll chip your tooth at some point. This is because your enamel can get weak because of constant wear. When it’s weak, it can easily break off. Jim Carrey, the world-renowned comedian, chipped his tooth when he was young. From then on, he is wearing a dental cap. But he did remove it when he filmed Dumb and Dumber. Thus, his chipped tooth was visible. Chewing hard food is one of the causes of chipping your tooth. But no matter how you chip your tooth, Dr. Anthony Mobasser has you covered. He is the most skilled cosmetic dentist in Beverly Hills and a world-renowned cosmetic dentist who is the go-to dentist for A-list celebrities. When you visit his Beverly Hills dental office, you will find that there are several options you can choose from to fix your chipped tooth. Dr. Mobasser will help you decide the best option to bring back your beautiful smile and confidence.

Possible Treatments for a Chipped Tooth

The best option to treat it will depend on the severity of your case. One of the treatments can be dental bonding. This will be an ideal option recommended by Dr. Mobasser if the chip is evident when you smile. Dental bonding is ideal for fixing chipped teeth on the front. Dental bonding is a painless procedure that requires one office visit. Although it needs an etching of the chipped area, Dr. Mobasser may not apply a numbing medication. Apart from dental bonding, a dental crown is also used for larger chips. It’s especially useful if the chips have significant decay. If you have chips on your molar teeth, for example, then you will need a crown to repair them. Dental crowns are ideal in this situation because of their durability. They are made of ceramic or resin so that they can last longer.

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Booking an Appointment with a Skilled Cosmetic Dentist in Beverly Hills

Dental crown placement may require two office visits. Depending on your case, Dr. Mobasser may recommend root canal treatment. It may be necessary to build the structure of the root that supports the crown. There are several options these days for any dental issues. But the only person who can bring back your beautiful smile is the best dentist in Beverly Hills, whose dental office is situated at 9201 Sunset Boulevard, #618 Los Angeles, California. To finally fix your chipped tooth with a skilled cosmetic dentist in Beverly Hills, call his dental office at  (310) 550-0383.

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