Sedation Dentistry In Los Angeles Offers Relaxed Way To A Brighter Smile

Sedation dentistry in Los Angeles-

Some patients are afraid to visit their dentist and would rather suffer from a dental problem than sit on their dentist’s chair for an hour or so to receive treatment. These people suffer from dental fear and anxiety. Our sedation dentistry in Los Angeles will remove that fear so you can finally undergo dental treatment to help you achieve a brighter, healthier smile. 

sedation dentistry

What is Sedation Dentistry in Los Angeles 

It is not the same as sleep dentistry, which requires a trained anesthesiologist to give the patient a certain amount of general anesthesia intravenously. 

Unlike sleep dentistry, sedation dentistry allows the patient to be conscious during the procedure. However, you will feel more relaxed throughout the process. With it, you will be responsive to cues. 

Dr. Anthony Mobasser, a world-renowned cosmetic dentist, recommends sedation to patients who are apprehensive during dental treatment. He also suggests it to his executive patients who have no time to return to his office. These patients want the procedure done in one session. 

His patients living outside Los Angeles may also benefit, as sedation dentistry allows Dr. Mobasser to perform the necessary procedures quickly. 

But he may recommend an IV sedation for his patients who are medically compromised. However, he can only do so after a complete consultation with his anesthesiologist. 

Combatting Gag Reflex During a Dental Procedure 

Our cosmetic dentist may also recommend sedation dentistry for patients with bad gag reflexes and extremely sensitive teeth. He will let you choose between an oral sedative and a laughing gas or nitrous oxide at his office. 

You need to take the pill an hour before your appointment for an oral sedative. It would be best to consider having someone drive you from Dr. Mobasser’s office to your house. Although this type of sedation will not make you fall asleep, you will still feel groggy when you arrive at Dr. Mobasser’s office. 

If your gag reflex is severe, you will need laughing gas or nitrous oxide. It lowers or eliminates gagging allowing Dr. Mobasser to proceed with the treatment without getting interrupted. 

Does Your Dental Plan cover it? 

Your dental insurance plan may not cover sedation dentistry. But it will still depend on your case. 

Discuss your state with Dr. Mobasser to determine whether your plan will cover the procedure. The cost of sedation will depend on the duration and past medical history. 

As for safety, sedation dentistry is harmless. Dr. Mobasser has been trained to administer oral sedation, and he also partners with an anesthesiologist if his patient requires IV sedation. 

Even though IV sedation is a notably safe procedure, if it is done incorrectly, it can cause severe side effects. 

To know whether or not you can safely undergo sedation dentistry in the Los Angeles office of Dr. Mobasser, please contact us at (310) 550-0383. Our cosmetic dentist only accepts patients by appointment, and Walk-ins are not allowed. This will allow the aesthetic dentist to focus on providing dental treatment one patient at a time.

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