Restore Your Smile With Dental Bonding In Beverly Hills

When you have decayed teeth, chips or cracks, or excess spaces between teeth, you may want a simple solution to help you resolve these problems without needing implants or veneers. One option that can be used to treat various tooth problems is bonding, where the teeth are restored using a resin material. Suppose you want to find out more about the possibilities of this treatment. In that case, you need to speak to Dr. Mobasser, a specialist in dental bonding in Beverly Hills, who can tell you more about the treatment, and whether you would be a suitable candidate for this procedure.

Dental Bonding In Beverly Hills For A Perfect Smile

Most types of dental bonding are performed to improve the cosmetic appearance of the patient’s smile. For example, you may have small gaps between your teeth caused by one or more of your teeth not sitting quite correctly in your mouth. You may also have chips or cracks, particularly in the front teeth, which affect your confidence in your smile. To resolve these issues, some cosmetic dentists use dental bonding, where the resin is used to fill in these gaps and is hardened using a dental light. The resin will bond with the teeth, and no one can tell that you have had dental work except for your dentist and yourself. One of the best solutions for poorly shaped teeth, gapping, or damaged teeth, bonding can dramatically improve your smile.

dental bonding in Beverly Hills

Why Choose Dental Bonding?

Our patients might choose dental bonding in Beverly Hills over other types of treatment designed to improve their smile. Dental bonding can be chosen over veneers because it is a non-invasive procedure. In many cases, there will be little to no need to shave the teeth. It is considered another alternative to amalgam fillings as a more natural-looking option. Patients will often choose dental bonding because it requires less work and therefore means that they will have fewer treatments. In many cases, the bonding can be done in a single day, with no teeth contouring. Overall, patients suffer less discomfort and get a beautiful set of teeth, and they can have more confidence in the quality of their smile.

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Find Dental Bonding Treatment Today

If you have heard about dental bonding from friends and relatives, then you will be looking for a specialist dentist offering dental bonding treatments in Beverly Hills. Dr. Anthony Mobasser is a top cosmetic dentist in LA and provides treatments to many patients in that area, including celebrities and the well-known. His high-quality work means that his patients keep returning for more, and you will be able to put your trust in him. To seek a consultation with the celebrity dentist or to ask any questions, fill in our online contact form with your questions or call the team at (310) 550-0383 to find out more now.

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